#11 David Zaharakis - signed till end of 2021


Close to most improved this year IMO, I know tippa does some sensational run downs, but I reckon zakka is best tackler in the team now and one of the best in the league,he hardly ever misses one when he gets a chance, and his use of the ball by foot and by hand specially in tight congestion is second to none


4 years is one too long, but if we’re giving Myers 3 years then he absolutely deserves 4.


He hasn’t just been great getting the ball. His tackling seems to be really improved too. Laid a couple of beauties on the weekend.





Sad but true.


Would have been some decent coin as well seeing he didn’t truly test free agency.


Woohoo! Good news leading into finals!


Yep. Missed out on Martin, Kelly and Pittard so we are using our Watson and Stanton money this way.


For real though, I’m glad he’s re-signed.And it’s a way better lead in to a finals series than if he’d, I don’t know, flown overseas with his manager or something.


Would you have done the deal if it were 4 years, or lose him?


Hoping like hell it’s settled because we have snagged someone and know what we had left.

Hoping like hell it was 3 yrs on X but we negotiated 4 years on less because we need to facilitate another contract!


Happy with that. I think if we can get another good midfielder it will take pressure off him and he’ll be even better.
I’d rather 3 years but get that the 4the year probably was the clincher.


never thought i would say this but i am glad he re-signed. His 2nd half of the year has been what he is capable of. Great to finally see him get some consistency to his game. 4 years seems a little too long though. 3 would of been perfect. But im guessing another team would of been offering 4 so we had to match it


He’s earned it. Don for life.


Za Ha Ra Kis will go bang this September


I think Zerret has them both for tackling.


How does one post an Instagram post inc captions?


Looking at Zakka, his body and physical presence is there at last. There is nothing tentative about him anymore.

I’m very happy with 4 years, he is in an age group where we need to keep him given the 30+ brigade won’t be here much longer.

Zakka, Heppell, Hurley, Hooker and Myers are very important in terms of the leadership though given, Jobe, Stants, BJ, Heater, Howlett, Kelly and Bags all won’t be here much longer.

Zakka back in the leadership group again next year for mine.


His tackling against Freo was 1st class


Depends on the monetary terms of the contract, has that been stated yet ?