#11 David Zaharakis - signed till end of 2021


I was one of his biggest critics earlier this year. Amazing how he has turned it around and credit to him. I was wrong. So pleased to have him locked in for 4 more.


I didn’t think we were going to see his BnF type form again on a regular basis, but he’s proved he can produce it.

Has earned the $$$ and years.

Well done Zaka.


Great stuff Zacka!


So… in my very arrogant and self righteous opinion…

There have been moments this year where I think Zaka has been reminiscent of Chris Judd breaking from stoppages.

There. I said it. I compared Zaka to Judd. What of it?




I take it you like them young?


There’s not too many more exciting things than seeing Zakka dart out of a stoppage and either hit up a forward or drill a goal from 45-50 out


He’s been amazing lately. Seems to have really discovered his groove and consistently. May it serve him and the club for another 4 years.


Some things you should just probably keep to yourself.


One year longer than what I would have liked, given his age. Not an unreasonable deal though.
My guess is that the length of the contract was probably one of the sticking points.
Hopefully now that he’s signed, he keeps playing the way that he has been.


He’s the one player that would never leave. 1 year too long.


Brilliant news. Well deserved and bodes well for our midfield. The one thing that Zaka has impressed me with since his lull early this year is his intensity and tackling. Tops off his game.


Same. Almost to the point that I was prepared to see him put up as trade bait. I was so wrong. He found form in a massive way and has been super consistent for almost 2/3 of the season. Credit to the lad. Deserved the 4th year for mine. Great clubman. Congrats, Zaka!

  • NB: Earlier in the season, I felt that he struggled with the return of the suspended players. Almost like he thought “OK, I can kinda cruise a bit here”. Sat back, didn’t hunt the ball, was hoping for the cheap handball, etc. 2016 showed that he thrives on a challenge/responsibility, so perhaps the coaching staff should shoulder some of the blame for his early season form. Who cares, though. Great fightback from Zaka.


What reports are you talking about re the wake up call?


Zaka is a giant gun with wheeeeeeeeeeels!

Hopefully enough in his contract to get those fully sick rims for the VL.


It’s wonderful to have Zaka sign on for another 4 years. Bomber for life.

I still would have traded him or let him go as a free agent. Yes, I’m a heartless ■■■■■■■ that doesn’t think he has the consistency to play regularly at the level he has been.


What does xavier campbell have to do with list management?. Because he doesn’t


The CEO and the board have to sign off on any contract in excess of 5 years and/or $500k a year. Aside that, he’s at arms length.


calm down.

it’s a joke based on every “player X re-signs” article having the exact same template…


Remember the good old days when Mendoza would just post that one picture of a VL doing a burnout