#11 David Zaharakis - signed till end of 2021


I do. I think I made note of it in my diaries.


Great job by all involved. He’s worked hard to get where he is.

But the work is not done. Zaka has set his standard. He needs to stay at that high standard as it’ll benefit the team whilst our elderly players retire. If he has a full year of his peak form, then an AA birth is likely to be coming his way.


woosh: “yeah really happy. Zakas a good player, and if he keeps on working hard, he’ll be a big part of our success moving forward.”

X: “we are so thrilled that David’s re-signed. He’s an exciting player, and will give Essendon fans a lot to cheer about moving forward”

Jackets: “yep, happy to get it done. He’s a top-line player, and an important part of the picture moving forward.”



Didn’t mention fabric nowhere near close to Xavier.



Then why do you think it’s wonderful?


What are those things they’re using to talk to each other? I sort of recognise what the mum is using.


Zaha’s hit good form and deserves a new contract — but why do I keep thinking of the great Mark Mercuri ?


Honestly can’t recall if it was MSM or on here… but there were suggestions that some of the guys had sat down with him and sort of explained that he could be an elite player but needed to lift after a pretty average start to the season.

I may be completely off base… but I do remember reading something about it… maybe around Round 7/8 I think…

It could be absolute BS/Rumours… so I’m not sure but maybe someone else remembers…


Zaka himself admitted to having a “heart to heart” with Hurley around that time.


That is probably it… I just remembered at the time thinking it might be his “GAJ” moment… because I think Zaka has always shown potential to be an absolutely elite player that never quite hits the high notes consistently…

Whatever it was… seems to have worked… his back half of the season was exceptional imho.


Pretty sure you have blocked out the two years prior to this one


Needs to work on his eye gouging technique though before anyone will consider him a serious Brownlow threat.

The thought that there is the slightest possible chance that next year our midfield could be headlined by hepp, parish, Zerret, zaharakis 2.0 , McGrath and Kelly has me more than just a little excited. Throw in Langford for some extra size and that midfield could legitimately lay claim to being the best and most versatile in the comp. Of course it would be complementing arguably the best group of key position players in the comp and the best group of small forwards in the comp the best rebounding defender in the comp (yes I’m talking about Conor). You know what all that spells don’t you?


What is the actual deal by the way?


He gets paid for 4 years and he plays for the club for the same amount of time. Does that help?


He’s updated since those days


actually using his pace to tackle which is the one gripe that has always been against him

some ripper ones on the weekend, good on ya dave!


I bumped into him at the St Helena Woolworths last summer. I told him “good luck for this year”, so I’m claiming credit for his form turn-around.


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