#11 David Zaharakis - signed till end of 2021


Should’ve told him off like whats his face did to Francis


I was going to, but then he gave my son a fist-bump and I didn’t have the heart.


Swans get ready, prepare yourselves for a Zak attack.


It’s not safe for Francis to fist-bump small children.


Salary cap problems?


I think being Essington for so long we’ve forgotten what it’s like to have a team full of gun players within the salary cap. Look around, there are plenty of teams of recent years that have 8 to 10 legit guns in their respective positions some have had more .

The great geelong sides of last decade had 11 who were close to the best if not the best in their role in the comp

Key defenders Scarlett and Taylor
Small /medium rebounding defender Enright and Mackie

Mids Bartell, ablett, Selwood, Kelly and ling as tagger you could make argument for ottens too

Fwds Johnson and Chapman

11 or 12

Hawthorn this decade

Defenders Gibson Birchall lake burgone

Mids Lewis Mitchell Hodge Smith sewel

Forwards Rioli Franklin Roughead breust Guntson

13 though im cheating by having lake and Franklin in the same team so say 12

Sydney - admittedly with cap concession

Defenders Grundy, Richards malcheski Johnson Shaw

Mids Kennedy parker Haneburry Jack goodes McVeigh Bolton mumford Jetta (in the premiership year He was arguably the most damaging wing man in the comp)

Fwds okeefe

15, admittedly Parker was a sub and his reputation he later, Bolton was probably past his best and Johnson was a mere back pocket but arguably the best in the comp that year. Even so it’s still 12 or 13

Essendon potential 2018 side (just the guns)

Defenders Hurley Ambrose McKenna

Mids hepp, Zerret, Zaha, Kelly, parish

Fwds JD hooker Fanta tippa

That is 12, it’s manageable.


ambrose isn’t up there yet… and you forgot McG… but yeah, our depth of real quality is looking alot better.
I think however that what separates the really good teams from the pack is their depth - their 15-25 players.
when I think of the p’ship Ess teams, it’s not the Madden/Daniher/Watson/Baker/Vanders or Hird/Fletch/Mercuri/Long/Lloyd/Lucas but rather the 2nd tier players that were really solid… It’s the teams that players in the 2nds have to absolutely break the door down to get a game in the seniors…


Yeah see I reckon you need both elements. I think our problem has been having a while team worth of 15 to 25th men and bit had enough absolute guns.

In 2013 who were or out and out guns

Defender - hooker, Fletcher, hibbo?

Mids Jobe, Stanton Ryder

Forwards ? Hurley (not a gun as a forward for mine) Crameri (that’s pretty generous really)


Oh and I think Rambo will be recognised as one of the best pure stopping key defenders in the comp by the end of next year


Someone’s already mentioned you forgot McGrath…

You forgot BJ…

And Gleeson…


And maybe Stewart…


I did forget McGrath. Bj will go again next year but the year after? Gleeson Stewart and tbell will all be honest role players but i don’t think they will ever lay claim to being amongst the comps - interception/rebounding defenders, third tall forward or ruck. That isn’t to say they will not be superb contributors for us though and I’ll be wrapped for any of them to jump up and prove me wrong (something tbell has already done this year actually but he will not be a comp leading ruck unless he produces a whole season of his best footy from this year)


Grandpa phone


Zaka a panel member on future stars right now. And McGrath to be on also




Stewart will make you eat this comment bet your house on it.

insert gif of Stewart manhandling two opponents then slotting winning goal vs freo


Here’s hoping. Needs to become a dominant aerial threat first. Not convinced his hands are strong enough


From podcast - The Physical Performance show episode 84 - phil Liggett,
He sat next to Zaharakis at a AFL luncheon in London - giving a talk at the australian embassy and told him The village next to where Phil lives is called Essendon, And at the Village pub we fly the Essendon bombers flag, come up the next night and i will show you, and he did. The pub gave him a standing ovation, and within a hour he was pulling pints behind the bar.
Phil said Zaharakis is going to Africa to stay on his wildlife farm - protection for Rhinos He is staying with Phil Liggett for ten days in Africa, never been to africa is going to see some wineries etc


He did all that in his break. Lots of pics etc on twitter.



For someone that doesn’t really love the rough and tumble, he has fantastic tackling technique.