#11 David Zaharakis - signed till end of 2021


It’s like how Irish players are generally good kicks because they’ve never done it before showing up in an AFL system and learning the right way


Zakka drilling a goal to a massive roar followed by his jumping man, fist-pumping celebration is a beautiful thing



100% male perfection.


Well…david’s just gone and won the title of having the hottest girlfriend in the competition.

Bravo sir…bravo.


Means nothing to me but Raz’s reaction on his Instagram suggests it does for some…

o.fantasia13 Shiiiittssss real fellas!!!

(Also, looks likes Zacka has kicked the VL Commodore to the kerb :disappointed: )


Χρόνια πολλά


EFC trolling… they got the word HAPPY in front of the player finally, and then put the other word behind.


Really hoping that limo at the end was nothing serious.

Had his right ankle/achilles taped and was walking really gingerly.


Please be a corkie haha


Woosha said that he got a kick to the side of the leg.




If it was a ■■■■■■ hard kick and broke his leg clean off


( … Mills post incoming )


That was some Stanton level gut running tonight. Potentially moreso.

It’s a pity he farked a few kicks up, because that was a massive game from him.

His fitness and running ability is now absolutely elite.


When he’s under pressure and kicking into 50 I’d love him to a least lob the ball as we’ll always make a contest.

Saying that, his gut running from start to finish tonight was huge


Was immense in the final term.


Kept running when a lot of players slowed down. Gave him more time to measure his kicks better.


Really turned it around in the last, just kept working his ■■■■ off


I was ready to delist him at 3/4 time. Smashed it out of the park in the last.