#11 David Zaharakis - signed till end of 2021


Good game overall, was really worried what he’d produce coming back. Not his best but a good game to build from in the last month or so…


Needs to lower his eyes more and not just blaze away whenever possible but hopefully that was just rust.

Fairly impressive return from Zaka. You can tell we have missed his run and spread from stoppages.




14 score involvements. Thought he lowered his eyes ok for first game back.


Thought he did well considering how underdone he looked at times. Will be better for the run, looked utter pish and off the pace earlier but contributed as the game wore on.


And people were happy to trade him haha he’s our Gaff


Apparently he is terrible coming back after an injury


Hit up plenty of decent passes, probably more than anyone else on the ground today.



Had 4 centremetre perfect deliveries to marks in the f50

rest has done him well, come back on point



Soft as butter. The zaka of early 2017 that we all loved to hate.


KAKArakis … LOL


Gee the numpties come out after a loss


Not a good game today from Zaka. Been one of our best this year, will bounce back.


I think there was something wrong with Zaharakis. I could tell from the way he was moving in the first 5 minutes of the game. Its only yesterday we heard that there is actually a reason for Hepps average game. If Zaha was not feeling well or has a niggle, I hope he can get over it and get back to the way he has been playing most of the year.


Heppell and Zaka looked disinterested which I found odd. He’s usually one of our better performers at G. Rolled his eyes at Goddard a few times.






What’s the point?


Lack of cohesion, sooking I dunno something was off.