#11 David Zaharakis - signed till end of 2021


What was up with Zakka on Friday… he looked disinterested?


I’m curious, in what way did he look disinterested?


He just went to half back after Goddard and Saad were Injured.

Played a quiet, team game.

Dare I say it, he showed maturity and experience.

He is gonna be our experienced head next year, and you’re gonna like it.


The more drive we get from half back impacts Zaka’s output. Iffy on the pressure but he’d be better served playing out of the fwd line if the drive is through the corridor and coming from half backs and central mids.


When he came back after the sternoclavicular issue he was good first 2 games back, In the last 2 games Zakka was not contesting the footy the way he was in the middle of the year and now appears to be playing a 100% outside mid defensive role. On the other hand Myers seems to be playing more of the attacking inside mid role that Zakka was earlier in the season.


Was good when he got the ball on Friday night, did a good job on the HBF. Though he didn’t contest the 50/50 ball anywhere near how he should be


Needs Hirdy to call him soft again.


Yeah i dont buy the position [email protected], he was definitely not going in hard for the ball. He needs to step up on friday


His effort against Membery was poor


Worst 30 posession player in the league.


You must have watched a different game to me,
Far from our worst.


Just refuses to get the hard ball. He was soft IMO.


Did sfa if you ask me. Shirked contests, sprayed entry’s into the forward 50. He will get his 30 possessions around the ground but fluffs all the important contests/ opportunities.


I guess.

He was a non factor in our loss (in terms of howlers) and he would have been a non factor if we won (in terms of plays made).


@Crazy_Bomber remember asking more from zaka?


Takes three months for a collarbone to properly knit after fracturing. He’s contributed well considering the pain he’d still be dealing with from that


Not his best game but out of 44 players was 1st I possessions, =3rd contested poss, 6th m gained, 77% DE, =8th tackles. But yeah hook in mate. HE was our problem, sure.


Certainly wasn’t our worst but it wasn’t how much he got the ball it is what he does without it that concerns me. He doesn’t work hard enough for long enough.

He is a good player and with a better midfield he would be cream on the top. You can’t rely on him to do the hard stuff required to make the midfield the strong one it needs to be imo. And that’s not being critical of him, it’s a reflection of the type fo player he is.


40 players had fewer contested possessions.


Like I said. Gets the ball around the ground but doesn’t do much with it, and fluffs nearly all his crucial kicks/ physical contests. I don’t rate his high posession games.