#11 David Zaharakis - signed till end of 2021


Zaka, Langers and Colyer - even though he started well - not very influential tonight.


Nah mate, look at da stats, he had 30 possessions. Job donnnnnnnneeeeee.

ZERO impact. Shame he panics and floats about, scuttling around getting a handball receive like a crab, rushing kicks, not influencing a game much. Richmond don’t care about him because they know he’s just a basic link up player and not much more. Does Richmond have one of those players that is in the team to get just get their 30 touch quota?

But whatever, we’ll keep playing him.


that’s how you get 77% DE and in the top handful of m gained, with high CP at the same time, but whatever. He fluffed a few kicks, he didn’t make every contest - as though everyone else was perfect? Parish was pretty good - then disappeared, Langford hardly had it, and looked really slow. Myers was quiet and kicked terribly at times, Guelfi, Colyer, tippa. All of them had reasonably poor games. Zaka could have been better, I’ll agree, but he was far from our problem.


I hold zaka to a higher standard because he’s a senior player. If parish/ Langford/ guelfi all end up with us at the age of 28/29 and only impact the contest as much as zaka does I’ll be asking the same questions and making the same comments.




the funniest moment of the night (being morbid) was when he got the ball on 50 in the last quarter and did the biggest dump in his pants you’ve ever seen and kicked the ball about 20m, over the boundary. As I was going ballistic, Belcho grabs it from the throw in and kicks a goal. Wife roasts me and awards Zaha the assist.


Had a decent year but is and will always be a squib


I thought Hirdy calling him soft at his last presser as EFC coach might have burned him a little more. Stats aside, it’s those half a dozen shirked contests we see week after week that make him the softest player in the ‘best 22’ by some margin.


Most caca 30 possesion game i have ever seen.

Hes a decent player that should be traded. Might still have a litte currency.


I think we need to move past him in the middle if we’re to go anywhere. He’s a senior player who most are happy just to rack up stats, he rarely, rarely changes a course of a game. We stick him on the fringes, he links up nicely, rushes a kick or two, does OK for the most part. I want to impose himself and he rarely does, not good enough for a senior player. In the big games you need someone like him to bulldoze in and he just waits for his mates to do the tough work.

I don’t think there’s a rule where you have to play borderline soft linkup players on the wing is there? Who’s Richmonds equivalent? I’m happy to try him at half-back or something, doing similar to what Montagna did in his final few years and link up deep down back but I don’t rate him enough as a player in the midfield if we’re to be a top 4 side.


this guys won a bnf and hes regressed.


You guys are just lost…
Stringer was weak in a marking contest, Saad shirked his shepherding/support responsibilities, Heppell was dolling out lollipops, Goddard was Goddarding (and not pointing anywhere else), Myers was just generally being ■■■■, tackles weren’t being stuck, and kicks across the board were being rushed (etc.)… but hey! It was the guy getting to more contests than anyone else just being soft…
You act like everyone should be top 5 list quality, and that anyone below that should be gone after a few years.
We improve more from our bottom 11 getting better, than we do from our top 11 doing more. Particularly when the “doing more” is just to appease haters sporting a, more often than not, unjustified hate boner…


He was poor tonight. Had a good season up until he hurt his shoulder, came back ok but tonight was poor.


I’m genuinely confused by the hate for Zaka this week. Not his best game, and hardly his worst

I suppose we lost though so the muppets need someone to froth about


He frustrates me more than any player on our list. Has the talent, but only runs one waya lot of the time.

When the pressure is at its highest he seems to go missing and seems to not want the body contact


watch him break away from whoevers chasing him when he has the ball, watch him jog after whoever has the ball.


That is my biggest frustration with him. It’s a mindset thing


Who’s heading to the mountains for some downhill skiing?


I thought defensively last year he had turned a corner, he was tackling hard and running back to fill gaps.

Not sure what the deal is this year, perhaps playing a diff role?


That’s a pretty good line.

He wasn’t great tonight, the deterioration of his disposal is the most concerning bit for me.

And he’s sore, and he has shown too many times in the past that he struggles to play sore. He’s wary about every single piece of body contact.

He still went in though, he just hated every second of it.

Fully fit Zaha goes in hard enough for his role, so that aspect doesn’t bother me too much.

But his disposal is becoming a real worry. It was never elite, but it was always tidy and it impacted games.