#11 David Zaharakis - signed till end of 2021


The play on the wing was soft af and then tried to look for a free.


He cops it because he’s the softest player on our list and he can’t even hide it anymore. No matter how many possessions you get, squibbibg a couple of contests per game will burn up all your goodwill very quickly.


That’s the one which stood out to me. Pretty crucial time in the game too.


Defending him by saying “plenty worse” is such a cop out, he’s a senior player who’ll be 29 next year ffs. If you can’t expect consistency from a 29 year old then who can we? If you can’t expect a 29 year old to crack in like his life depended on it then I don’t know…

Are we still waiting him for him to be the consistent gun we all thought or is his best behind him? Or is this the level that we should be expecting from here on in? Is this it? I’m trying to count how many Richmond players get carried with his style of play. Half the issue is fitting in players like Zaka and Goddard, individually good but are rank for structure and defensive efforts. I reckon most have blinkers on for the guy that kicked the winning goal on Anzac Day a decade ago. Ask anyone outside Essendon and they’ll say he’s a decent player who links up OK but hardly worth getting too worried about, as he’s a downhill skier for the most part. He’ll get his 30 possessions every second week but then so does half the competition these days. Did he do any damage?

I’m not saying he’s not in our best team ajnd I’m not saying he hasn’t had some individually brilliant games from time to time, I just think the team needs to move past him or invent a role off half back where perhaps his possession gobbling game style might be more useful. He still has decent pace, I think his kicking his OK and he’s smart enough, I just see the midfield group looser with him in there. It’s interesting that the team has had some of it’s best performances when he missed a few months injured.

These kind of posts just get labelled with “you’re just a hater” but the facts are there, I reckon he sums up Essendon more than just about anyone in the past 15 years. Some brilliance from time to time, some fist pumping moments, mostly one way running, suspiciously soft although people will argue it, a few good years where you thought he could be anything, but when crunch time comes mostly falls short and at his best when the pressure is off. I’d love to see if he can play off half-back and maybe us have a more contested orientated midfield next year.


Hopefully, you - though it would probably be from behind a computer as usual.


Maybe it’s the coller bone injury probably still dosen’t feel confident?


Excuses excuses… heard them all before


Great post. 29 yrs old, should be reliable and damaging if he’s not tagged. If anyone ever asked me what was the best thing he did defensively I’d struggle. Not because I can’t decide but because nothing has ever stood out.


He was playing really well before the injury happy see how he goes next season


Until he’s sore again next season and gives up playing hard… Sorry but I can’t help feel cynical about all this


His form was great when he first came back from his collarbone. There’s no reason to think it’s holding him back


I can’t believe it’s not butter


He was far from our worst.
I’d still be putting out feelers for a trade though at seasons end just to see if he gets a nibble


He just resigned for another 3 didn’t he?


This thread highlights why we need an ignore function. Some absolute ■■■■■■■ idiots in here


I agree, I wouldn’t be disappointed if he was a makeweight for a better midfielder TBH…


Fair enough, although It’s a short/non-existent list of those who were great tonight.

Disposals an interesting one… outside of a handful of players (McKenna, Tippa, Merrett, Langford…?), we don’t have many great field kicks.
Stringer nails one every now and then, Goddard one in 4. Daniher is a great field kick, but gets rarely used for that. Maybe Raz? Hurley had, and lost, his great kicking. I’d even say that Merrett regressed this year.
It’s not a skill we seem to be cultivating at the club.

The disposal efficiency stat surely can’t be helping. “A kick of more than 40 metres to a 50/50 contest or better…” counting as an effective disposal glosses over poor decisions and bad kicking. Heppell’s numbers might look ok, even though it shouldn’t have been to a 50/50 contest when he first kicked it.


12.55 in 3 qtr tipifiys Zaka

Rather than go full steam to tackle when ball was near boundary he chooses to run forward to try block the run allowing them to get the easy ball.

THIS is Zaka doesn’t like the contested stuff chooses easy option.


Would be fascinating to see what offers we get at the trade table.


He’s signed until 2021 mate.