#11 David Zaharakis - signed till end of 2021


Sooooooo 3rd rounder?


Hurley, Zaka, Prismall (traded for a third rounder), Michael Still, Tyson Slattery…some pretty gross drafting from 2008.


Wasn’t great but he’s had a good year, I certainly wouldn’t be trading any of our good mids.


What are you on about? Even with all the bitxhibg and moaning about hurls and zaka, they have contributed some great footy for us for a long period of time. I know I gave Hurley a spray last night but to suggest picking him up is gross drafting is… Insane…


Could have been a brilliant draft if Port didn’t pip us to the Hartlett / Trengrove combo.


I don’t think hes soft, he just goes to ground to easily. Which in games like yesterday means he loses the contest.


Would take a 3rd rounder and use it on Hind.


For Zaharakis?

You’re mental


We’ll see in 12 months.


If you were to do that draft again the majority of people would pick Hurley 1.

His only competition would be for a super reliable and classy midfielder like Sidebottom at 11.

Or some awesome but otherwise a little injury prone beasts like Sloane and Beams.

But given he’s a CHB Hurls probably gets the nod.

This is a lesson for everyone in how opinions of players can easily go to the extreme because of the echo chamber that is “Zakka and Hurls are not playing as well as I’d like” to…" they are ■■■■ and we should trade them."

The perils of the interwebs. Don’t let the Russians get you…


Conversely someone days Hurley is not playing near the standard he’s set for himself. Then the clap brigade come in and blast you then all of a sudden he’s trade bait.


That’s true as well. I agree.

You get thrown in the he is the best ever and you are an apologist.

Or you want to trade him, your a ■■■■, you disrespect our players and know nothing of football.

Exhibit A - Goddard thread.


Silly to suggest trading him, would not get anything like fair value considering his age.

That being said anyone who thinks he is not soft/a squib is dreaming or has not seen him play

Still a handy player when things are working well


depends on how you rate him.


This is why we can’t have decent conversation about him. Any thought out discussion gets brought down when you have people suggesting trading him for a pack of gum and then all criticism gets lumped into the same category.


and the other side saying they’d only accept the farm for him.


Don’t need 12 seconds, … you’re out of your mind.


Zacca won’t be traded he won’t go anywhere.


Did I say he would be?


No, you didn’t. I remember him saying once he would be a one club player.