#11 David Zaharakis - signed till end of 2021


Zaha has limitations in some areas but like Stants he is very fit and busts a gut for us. Not everyone is born to run through blokes or the same way as the footy. Best example is Craig Bradley and he was a star and super important to his side.

We need blokes that are still pushing and providing options late in the last when everyone else is knackered.

Calling him a squib or soft is in my view ridiculous. There’s nothing soft about training thru summer (when others are prancing around Seminyak) and rocking up super ready to go and challenging others to do the same.


Zaharakis trade value is fairly decent. Possibly a early 2nd rounder


What’s the point of discussing that? He won’t be traded.


The bust a gut reference I don’t agree with. When the opposition have the ball, very very rarely will you see him running back with any sort of speed.

He is very much a front runner. Which works well when the team is on top and dominating, but when we are struggling it doesn’t help at all


No worries Robbo, you and I see a lot of things differently. What do you think about Zaha Joe?


Zaha joe?


Nah, Barnz, I’m interested in his thoughts.


I think you can guess.

No idea why this clown keeps calling me Joe tho.


Give us something mate, don’t make us guess.


I have more faith in Heppells delivery going inside 50

We seriously need to invest in a quality skills coach


Severely underwhelming. Technically he’s our best tackler and you hardly see him tackle unless he’s the 2nd or 3rd player in. Very happy to burst away from someone when he has the ball. Very rarely chases someone down when he’s one of best runners. Loves the useless corral as opposed to tackling when once again he’s our best tackler in terms of technique. Blazes away going forward with lazy deep kicks instead of short pin point passes we know he’s capable.

Imo he has all the tools to be all Australian regularly but he barely comes close.


I disagree with you Barnz. Good summary though. I’d pegged you as just a smart ■■■■ but perhaps you do know footy and have an opinion.


Zaharakis strikes me as a player who is very content to have a decent AFL career, but who lacks a fierce drive to achieve success beyond that.


Ahh the old seasonal ‘let’s put zaka up for trade’ discussion. Lol ok


Theres a reason it comes up every year


Lack of imagination?


More a lack of intelligence.


That too.


Re-read what I wrote. I didn’t say drafting Hurley was gross. I was referring to the draft class as a whole.


Like the other poster, you’ve missed the point of my comment. Hurley is very good, just not the superstar many on here believe. Zaka will retire as not a lot more than a good average player. Neither of these views are extreme.

Couple that with the rest of the draft crop being complete busts, it’s a lousy draft year.

Hurley as the best of the 2008 draft? Yeah, nah.