#11 David Zaharakis - signed till end of 2021


I reckon he’s better than a good average player.

Drafted at number 23 with 250 odd games and a B & F.


It also seems to me that people have an expectation of him that doesn’t match the type of player he is.


Let’s say our midfield next year consists of Smith, Heppell, McGrath, Parish, Langford, Merrett, Fantasia, Zaharakis, and maybe a big recruit (or not).

I would have thought that of that group, Zaharakis is clearly the player with the least to offer going forward.

That’s not to say he’s not a half decent player, but if he’s literally at the bottom of our current pile of midfielders then surely his trade value is fair game to discuss?


Fair to discuss. I don’t think Zaha is a star by any stretch but agree with Ice T that he’s not capable of being the type of player that some people want.

Of your midfield group, Fanta is often injured (but a potential star), McG and Parish are v young, and Lang has a fair way to go having shown a bit of improvement. Zaha is very fit and resilient and will be in the middle for bounces for 20 games a season so I reckon he’s worth hanging on to.


People seem to forget he was our best player before his injury.

Does he have his limitations as a player? Yes, like virtually every player does, we just need to find the best way to utilise him.

Personally I think he is best when he starts inside the contest and then spreads. Our midfield should also focus on feeding the ball to the best ball movers; we have learnt this season to get it to the line breakers but our midfielders need to be trying to free up and feed it to the better kicks.

I’d rather see Heppell, Zaharakis and even Smith dishing it off to Langford and Merrett than the reverse.


If he had never showed it I would agree. But he has had periods where he has shown what sort of player he can be. Just doesn’t do it anywhere consistent enough


You need to look at the success of draft picks more.

On historical averages to pick a two time AA with your first pick and a 200 (could be 300) game player with your second is an unbelievably good draft.


Ahh the old “i’m adding ■■■■■■■ nothing to a discussion.”


Surely you sense that my post was team anti-trade zaka.


Lol ok


Eh? This guy was having a great season before his injury, now he’s back doing his part and has a nondescript 30-possession game and the 15-years-of-mediocrity sooks go scrolling down the page to see which player they can bag out this week?

Farking lol.


These are your words fella. No misunderstanding.

And yes, he is probably the best of his draft class across his career. NicNat has been destroyed via injury.

The fact that Sidebottom will likely play 100 games more than him may be the only other factor.


Dan Hannebery has had the best career.

3x AA
Key plank in a flag.
Coaches association MVP


Sometimes I think he should do more, especially defensively.
I was curious to see how he compares to Isaac Smith that will probably fall short of the AA team but most likely be in the squad. Statistically their years are very close. Both have had poor games.
He probably gets critiqued too harshly and we may have to consider that when playing purely as a wingman that some games can bypass that position.


Let’s stay to the parameters here and get this right. I’m not asking for the best career otherwise Liam Shiel’s and Luke Breust win farking hands down.

You are saying Daniel Hanneberry should have been the number 1 pick because he is the best player from his draft year?


It was a bizzare statement and he’s just trying to cover his tracks.


He has to be more than in the conversation yep. You wouldn’t complain if you picked him at 1.

In no particular order
Hanners, Sidebottom, beams, Rockliff, Sloane Hurly, Nic Nat are the cream. Splitting hairs to seperate them.

Hannebery was good for the longest out of that bunch from 2012 until 2017 he was a top line mid.


I don’t think he is a must trade and more than happy if he stays but there should be barely anyone on our list who is not tradeable for the right price. If GWS wanted our first and Zaka for Shiel hypothetically I’d jump at it


So logically then it follows that players can trade themselves anywhere they like at anytime they like for the right price.

Seems to me that both clubs and players can break contracts far too easily.


He has been learning from you.