#11 David Zaharakis - signed till end of 2021


Players have too much power IMO. The club should always hold the sway in any power balance. Players already break contracts and get to where they want to go. I’d love to see clubs take some power back and be able to trade players against their will like they do in the US


I find the entire ‘contract’ debate really frustrating.

If everyone considered an AFL contract as a legal agreement on financial terms everyone could just get over it.


Please, please, for the love of god, understand that I’m talking about the draft class as a whole.
And the two time AA tag flatters Hurley.


But getting 2 players of that quality in any draft makes it a pretty reasonable draft regardless of how bad the other players were.


There’s absolutely a misunderstanding. I have no issue with Hurley for pick 5. I was talking about the drafting as a whole. Stop cherry picking.

Best of his draft year? Beams, Hannebery, Sloane, Sidebottom are all ahead.

Don’t get me wrong - he works his backside off, is a very good footballer and loves the club, meaning that we (yes, me included) rightly love him back. But gee whiz, he gets overrated around here.


Actually, he is overrated by the general public.

He is seriously underrated around here.


Stop digging yourself deeper.

Truth is, over the last 10 years he is in the best 4 key position defenders in the league.

If he played for Hawks or Cats during their dominant periods people would talk about him among the greats. Same as they do Sam Mitchell, who on balance isn’t fit to shine Judd or Abletts shoes.


Respectfully disagree. We netted a very good player and a good-average player but nothing else from the ND. Need to do better to win a flag. All open to interpretation, of course


nobody is cherry picking. even if you are talking about the draft performance as a whole youd be pretty satisfied with drafting both hurley and zaharakis out of the same draft. both 200 game players, that doesnt happen often. Id just give up if i were you


Don’t like opposing opinions? No problem. One thing I’m sure we can both agree on is that 2019 looks very promising :slightly_smiling_face:


All good dude. You are entitled to your opinion as I am to mine.

I’m with you on 2019


Off the top of my head. Zerrett aside. Do we have a better 2nd round draft selection on our list?

200 game players outside the 1st round are jackpots


No worries, Hurls :wink:


Not 2nd rounders but Hooker and Raz are better late picks.


We have had this argument many times on Blitz and your ideology shows through.

I have always objected to young blokes being forced to move away to play footy. And especially in the years when West Coast was an opium den, now when Gold Coast is a basket case and even forcing kids to lay for Carlscum is an infringement of their rights. Does not happen in any other employment expect for some professional sport.

Name a player who has broken a contract !! Some may have threatened, but Clubs have always agreed and got their pound of flesh and pint of blood in the deal. We all can name Bomber players who were under contract and were forced to move elsewhere, under the threat of never playing again for anyone.

All I am saying is that a contract should be honored on both sides, and at the end of the contract the Player and Club get to renew it or not, and if the Player moves on, it is just like any other Employee getting a new contractual job. Sure some Players get paid a lot of money, but without them there is no game, and most of them do not have incredible lifetime earnings, unless they have a great Accountant and a smart Wife.


Of course they are.


Just for the record, here is what gross drafting in 2008 looks like:


I recon he gets played out of position to often. He struggles when he plays a role just on the outside. He is an inside, outside player. If you look at his best games he has played more of a role inside.


Opposing opinions are fine, just don’t expect to anybody to agree with them when they are wrong. Just because there are better players picked after doesn’t mean it’s a bad selection. For every Beams or Hannebery there are ten other guys you have never heard of.

To cherry pick a draft ten years later and say it’s a fail because the guy we got only played 200 good games rather than 200 great games is beyond ridiculous expectation of any recruitment team.


If you’re after midfielders, maybe.
How do you think Hurls weighs up against players of his kind, in his draft year?