#11 David Zaharakis - signed till end of 2021


Some of us have both in one :slight_smile:


Like Hird, I just wish Zaka went in a little harder sometimes. Too many times I watch him go the soft option or not even attempt a tackle.

He’s a good outside player but he can be frustratingly soft defensively.


I know Hurls looks Aryan, but we don’t need to segregate by kind do we. That never ends well.


He reminds me of Oppie from SoA


Imagine if he didn’t kick that goal on ANZAC day. Go on, just imagine for a second.


Reminds Noonan of Opie from Andy Griffiths Show.


Does he get jabs for niggles and such? Have always wondered since his needle phobia?
If he didn’t, it could explain why his form fluctuates


BT would have just said “Zaharakis has done it,” instead of “Zaharakis has done it again.”


Still would be one of our better players over the past 10 years. But his flaws are getting more and more exposed as time goes on IMO.


One of 6 current players to have won the Crichton.


I think he is one of our better players. The last three months he hasn’t been such a standout because the midfield in general has lifted its standard and the general pace of the side is greater.
Isn’t he one of the few players going around with a game that exceeded 30 touches and 4 goals?


I think Ben Affleck called Melbourne’s 2008 draft performance “gross and racist”.


Don’t get me wrong I’m open for free trade and scrapping the draft but it has to work both ways. Plenty of players leave whilst under contract and whilst the clubs do get compensated they are often forced to take unders. Gibbs left with 2 years to run and Carlton were handsomely compensated, McCarthy on the other hand got GWS stuff all, Ryder was well unders. That’s just a few examples and it’s becoming more common


Wasn’t McCarthy put on the sidelines for a year, though?


Maybe if you want a contracted player you should have to buy out their current contract.




Had 2-3 years to run for memory and GWS made him sit out a year before bending over in the end.


May have had something to do with the eventual compensation.


Man I’d totally forgotten about Sam Blease. I really thought he was going to be a good player.


So did Melbourne.