#11 David Zaharakis - signed till end of 2021


4 were his disposals ‘cheapies out the back’ or was there real blood involved?

  1. What’s his hair like

  1. Did he smile

  1. did he protect the kids


Both Stants and Zaka have been targeted by one particular Blitzer for years, who mainly claimed that they didn’t provide enough 2 way running to help out in defence. Nonsense of course. At times both players have been deep in the backline late in games, doing just that. At times they have been the only midfielder to have gone back to provide any sort of run.


If you name names, we can start a fight!


l think you know who it is. l don’t want to make them famous by saying who it is.

  1. Darren Bewick!


I’ll defend you with my usual verve & gusto!
(till I get bored)


Trust you to make an analogy with your sex life.


A stock broker come psychologist?


On that defensive running. Both guys do an enormous amount of running during the game. Occasionally they get/got caught in a position when they’ve just done a heap of running then they need to chase someone and they are simply too buggered to get to full tilt. That’s often when they get/got hammered (unfairly) for lack of defensive running… imo


There is a big difference between playing in the backline and running and being a 2 way runner


In the off-season he really needs to take a look at Devon Smiths game videos every single day, and learn to become a similar player. If he did more of the hard things, ie one percenters the difference between his worst and best would not be so far apart.

Even Hirdy said that Zacha can be soft at times and its very true.


Remember last year when Zaka out ran Polec from the half back line, through the middle, right to half forward, and made Polec look like a complete loser ? Classic example. Polec was publicly hammered for that effort also.


sorry. Meaningless post. Just playing with replies


Two very different players. I get you mean Smith’s attitude and approach but again, also very different personalities so you just cannot expect that from all players.

Everyone bangs on about how Richmond built their game plan around the type of players they have. Yet we want all our players to be like someone else. No, let us instead identify their strengths and use them in those areas. Not all Tigers players go as hard as each other, despite what people might say.


There’s another factor in this. People might ask why zerrett or smith might have more zip. I’m not sure about this post dz’s shoulder but early season he was routinely on the park for 3-5 mins more than smith and 8-10 mins more than zerrett. If you reckon 3-10 ?? more minutes wouldn’t make much difference to the way you run at AFL intensity , well that’s like us having 1-2 men short averaged across the team. Not every game was this true, but most. Goddard and Heppell also do (or did last time I checked) more than their share. Why does the coaching panel do this? Well obviously they think on balance it’s better having him/them a bit fatigued cos he/they can still get around ok-ish with those longer stints and shorter rests, while allowing the burst guys to go harder and rest longer. There’s a cost to everything - part of this is calls of ‘downhill skier’ from casual observers. I’m sure zerrett s not saying that about DZ (or hepp or goddard) while he’s catching his breath…


Giants screwed themselves on that one. Freo were offering 2 early 1sts from memory.


Hate it when people use possession counts to say if a player is good or not. The first few months of the year we were regulary beating our opponents for possessions by 100+. Reckon we had nearly 5/6 players getting near or over every game. All useless.