#11 David Zaharakis - signed till end of 2021


first kick was into the man on the mark, it went downhill from there.


The missus decided to get creative with the fixture


Should could have drawn the lines on all three of them


An embarrassment.

Broken tackles.

Wilting in marking contests

Jogging on the spot.

Butchering the ball.


■■■■ weak. Every contest he needs to go… he does not go. sits back an waits. Even 50/50’s. Trade him to North. Used to like this guy. Now he’s just turning up for his account transfer.


I think there was one contest where he just waited for McGrath to collect it, rather than go for it himself and then proceeded to offer no shepherd and let McGrath get tackled. Guarded empty space all day. Pretty much offers more off field with his modeling for the Bombershop.


Henis part of the undroppable so get used to squib city for the rest of the year.


*3 years


The worry today is that it was like he was running in quick-sand - Everything was slow and not up to the pace of the game.


Captain panic merchant handball to no one turnover king




It’s hard to understand why Zaha never gets dropped!!!


Zaka’s Diaries is making a comeback.


Zaka has lost me…

…until he has another cheery pow wow with the opposition after the final siren. That would make me laugh. The brazenness of it…I’d be right back on board again.


Fkn BANG! WOB goes in dry!

You’re right, though. Zakais softer than a pensioner’s turd. I want what BF is on.


literally you could make a video like this of zakas game last night, he really is this putrid.


He tackles like a girl. Craps himself when he’s about to get tackled himself.



Was good trade bait over the past few seasons but missed our chance


If this was Hawthorn they would of traded this guy and some how brought in a gun player.


The disease has already spread, and it’s been spreading for 15 years