#11 David Zaharakis - signed till end of 2021


2015 Rd.2 v Hawthorn

Brad Hill, along the boundary, 3rd qtr I think, Hawks kicking right of screen.
This was the famous Hooker winning goal game.
Fk that was a good game !


He had one opponent and that was a small forward pocket. All the commentators noted that Zaharakis had the best initial position, but then his poor marking craft meant he was outpositioned. Also his effort to maintain that position and then also effort once outpositioned was poor. His opponent is not known as a strong one on one mark, but he was made to look very good by an ordinary effort.


I will look again


Are you on your way to Perth yet to look me up?


It wasn’t a strong effort but it was two small players on each other. They both had forward momentum, and Zaka went one step too far before propping. Whether he misjudged a slightly outswinging kick or what ho knows but the saints guy at that point just had to hold. It wasn’t his best but it wasn’t a choice not to be there which you could argue Shiel chose not to do 4 seconds earlier. 179 cm winger gets beaten in marking contest…


Plenty have and plenty do. Rioli did it in the GF and had Jetta give him a pep talk and not to worry about it. Rioli has talked about it since.



I’m greatly relieved someone can site another example in his 10 year career…


Has the ability and physical attributes to be a game turner gut runner like Winderlich, but he’s more like Stinkerlich


Zaharakis makes Caleb Daniel look like Fletcher.


Bounced back well tonight.

His link up play was important


He was also going in harder and tackling well. Glad he responded.


Rapt for Zakka, awesome.


That’s the Zaka we want to see.


Much better. Don’t have to be a bull but he applied a decent level of physical intent tonight.


Such a frustrating player. When he plays like that, with energy and passion, you just love him. Great game Zaka.


Zaka obviously reads his thread. Good response Zaka.

Message to Woosha . Zaka responds well to tough love Woosh…let a few Fs and Cs go when he is playing crap and he will play accordingly.


This is your floor Zakas. Fucken bring it next week!


You could tell from the outset that he was going to put in a great Zaka performance tonight.

That 50/50 where he flew in the air with Neville Jetta coming the other way and levelled the contest knowing that at best he would bring the ball to ground was the exact intent we need from him every week.

Was really influential tonight.

Hopefully he builds on this.


Most contested possessions on the ground for us. It’s funny I think we all forget that his best position is actually on ball, in tight. It forces him to play hard. He doesn’t play with the same intensity on the wing. This feels like a lesson we’ve learned before.

Another who benefited from the absence of Myers and langford tonight.


Well done Zaka. Keep it up.