#11 David Zaharakis - signed till end of 2021


Constructive criticism at it’s finest.


How long did it take you to do all that?


I thought he was good tonight. But the problem has never been the odd good game from him when we win. This needs to be the standard from zaka if we are to become a really good side.


16 contested possessions and 21 pressure acts. But you know… Play the kids.


Played well tonight, in or best, but why not the previous week?..now if he and a few others can do the same for the next 25 games or so we are a chance.

pathetic efforts like round 1 and 2 will see us bottom 6.


Oh, just a quick scroll up a little bit. This thread is full of embarrassing abusive rubbish (as are most). One day, the people who are responsible for this place may wake up and get with the times. They are very quick to jump on anything sexual - but abuse and bullying, no probs for now.


What bullying?


The whole farking team played horrible the last 2 games (4 games).
Think before you type ffs.


We should get a game like that 4 weeks out of 5. But we get the opposite from him, that’s where the frustration/anger comes from.


Zaka tried pretty hard last week IMO. The abuse was just reflex whipping boy stuff.


If you cast your mind back to last year he was playing good 4 weeks out of 5. Had 2 bad games at the start of this season along with the rest of the team and people wanted him dropped? He wont perform this well all the time but his average output is better that “the kids”.


Hey I’m allowed an opinion, an my opinion of David in round 1 and round 2 was that he was not just ordinary but also not putting in.

Tonight he played very well, went in hard, tackled, chased and got a lot of ball, he earned his money, well done David keep up the good work mate.

Like most supporters that spend $$$ on my footy club I expect at least 100% effort!!!


Of course you are allowed your opinion. And when you use abusive terms, I’ll call it out. Couldn’t give a fark what you nuffies think about that. You give it, you get it. Players are people like us with feelings and family. They don’t deserve abuse. Just because it’s online and you’re not looking them in the eye, doesn’t mean it’s not abuse.


Yeah, he did start well then did his shoulder against Richmond.


Agree he played a little safe after that crunch but was still very good.


I’ll call it every time he doesn’t have a go now. I’ll make a point of it. Cheers


Tu our outside mids look bad when your not winning the footy and sensational when you do. Zaka looked good tonight.


Zaha’s bad games always seem to get extrapolated into “He’s been sh*t for years,” and his patches of good form get boiled down to “He once kicked an arsey goal on Anzac Day.”

Deckham is right. The abuse thrown at Zaha last week in this thread was farkin disgraceful. Not the criticism of his game; that’s fine (and was warranted.) But the keyboard warrior personal abuse, was just pathetic.


Credit where credit is due.
David played the type of footy he’s capable of tonight and it’s purely because he gave 100%.
He hunted the footy tonight and laid some cracking tackles.
If he put in even 80% of what he did tonight every week I’d be pretty happy.
Very well played Zaka.


When I’m in the drive thru next time I want my nuggets out immediately. Nothing but 100% effort from you champ. I paid my $$$