#11 David Zaharakis - signed till end of 2021


I have ripped into him probably more than anyone on this forum. I thought he was fantastic tonight

Saw him actually be physical and get stuck into his tagged

He was guy running to provide an option for the defenders to kick to in the last qtr when everyone else had stopped

He ran guys down with tackles

There was a moment in the 2nd qtr, where there was a ball in the air, not only did he spoil but he took the body and absolutely smashed the Melbourne player in the collision.

He did a lot of 1%s tonight
Just great stuff all night

Well played zaka, well played


It’s a honour just to be nominated

For the record I did still go to the game tonight


Is this next week’s banner?


I haven’t.

Zakka the winger is a myth. Has been for near on 10 years.


He stood up tonight and I will happily raise my hand and say I was way too critical of him the first two weeks.

I think some of what he copped on here was justified, because when he’s soft, boy is he soft. But he shut me up tonight, and a few others. Well done zaka.


Thanks robbo I’ll have watch it. Was there, seemed to be outside a lot where he can excel with his finishing. Saw a couple of times he could have poleaxed players but didn’t. It’s not '65 Bluey!
A great game though


To think some happy clappers wanted him dropped before Langford… made my day


It takes a good man to admit he was wrong.

Maybe there is hope for you yet.


Thank you brave sir for patrolling the internet and also for not having any double standards.


You get that you ■■■■■■■ nuffies!


Happy to keep him on the list.


That’s the thing, he wasn’t just bad he was atrocious in those first two games. I have zero doubt he copped it this week from the coaches and responded accordingly.

His best is what we want to see but he doesn’t delivery every game, in fact he often doesn’t deliver it for a few games in a row then pulls out a snorter like tonight. After all this time at senior level he should be far more consistent in how he plays. I don’t mean he should be brilliant every game, but the effort and attack should be the same every game, we know he has it in him and he needs to delivery more often than he does.


Spot on. People seem to be forgetting that it wasnt just the two losses to start the season, it was the manner in which we lost them. We were absolutely putrid


Spot on. senior players can’t play well 1 in every 3 games.


Are you imagining Zaka reading your posts right now? Get your point, but maybe a little over the top.


Just how many spoof-accounts do you have, anyway? Do you swap between them according to what crap you’re about to write? Not brave enough to own up to what you say?


LOL. M8.


Everyone should imagine that. That should be the standard. Writing on a forum/social media is just like speaking to someone. If you would be embarrassed to say it to someone - don’t farkjing say it! Simple, isn’t it? Why the double-standard? Even if you felt the recipient will never read it - and I’m telling you - a lot do, they have people close to them that may read it. What if it were your son or daughter or anyone close to you? Would you speak to them or about them that way?

Why do you think that’s ‘over the top’? Does it make you uncomfortable? Is it so hard to curb the emotion a little, take a breath and carry on in a civilised manner? Is that ‘soft’? Maybe not manly enough?

This is a phenomenon that really needs to stop, and everyone should call it out until it stands out like a sore thumb.


Absolutely. During the saga (2016), he was forced to play on the ball & work on his inside game. He acquitted himself well. After the other players returned, he was forced back to the wing & an outside role. Woosha needs to vary his role more when he is missing. Was very good last night. Well done, Zaka.


“Get” equals “agree” with your point. Just pointing out that you can make the point without sounding like you’re donating your kidney.