#11 David Zaharakis - signed till end of 2021


Yeah ok, fair enough. To be honest (and although it may not seem that way) I get a little uncomfortable doing this whole farkin crusader thing. Wish someone else would do it. I find myself almost unable to drive past it.


We’ll share the load if you focus on making the type of comments we all enjoy reading from you. Cheers


This is my only account.
Just amused that you call people out for being abusive while you abuse them.
I do get where you are coming from.


It is okay to provide criticism of players when it is warranted, but I agree it is how it is done that counts.


Trying to find that incident when he showed courage in aerial contest. Thought it was second qtr but looked and could not see it.


The one that took out Jetta, Woosha commented on it at the presser too. It is why I think he had a go at Zaka from shirking the previous week.


Deckham, could not agree more! If you would not say it face to face then don’t type it!i tip my hat to you


When was it mate? Second half?


lol I can’t remember, I thought it was 2nd 1/4 too.


Was very good last night. May have been harsh on him last week.

Can be a frustrating player as his best is A plus. But his bad games generally look like he isn’t having a go.


Late 1st


What gets under my skin watching Zaharakis is knowing he can play a game like he did last night, giving his all on the footy field, leaving it all out there, that’s what we all want, but so far this season he has done it 1 out of 3 games.
It’s not something you pick and choose, it is a must each and every week.

If players give it their all they will get my support to the fullest, BUT when they decide not to they can cop it and I honestly hope they do.


I personally don’t post anything I wouldn’t say to their face. Stuff on here is tame compared to abuse I have copped and dished out over my footy journey. Work is exactly the same if someone farks up I will barrel them and expect the same in return.


Bit unfair just to hand select a few posters to highlight your point when almost the entirety of blitz heaps unfair criticism in Zaka.

The same sort of posting can be said about half of our list unfortunately and by the majority of posters.


Anyone who denies he often plays a weak or soft game are kidding themselves, He needs to hear it as more times than not that is how he plays.
Would I call him soft? Yes, to his face? Absolutely
Even Hird when leaving gave Zaka a clip about it.

It’s the main thing which holds him back from being a really good player.
Calling Zaka soft is saying the truth.


When he playing on a wing just doesn’t get involved enough.

When you give him more responsibility at centre bounces & up at the contest he guns it

Myers & Langford out letting Zaka & Parish be at the coal face was key to their performances.

And no doubt Zaka both had the acid / belief instilled in him by Woosh

Sensational game by Zaka. Hope it continues.


The ‘nuffie’ thing?
Yeah, I’m not very good at it, am I.


Yeah, ok, I believe you. Still - insults are different to criticism. One is helpful, the other just lack of self-control that would get you sacked, unless you either didn’t have a boss, your boss was just like you, or everyone was too scared to let you know your people-skills needed work.


Oh - you wanted me to spend more time with the post! I thought you were mocking me for the few I picked out at random. Maybe when I have more time.


A was just pointing out the irony of what you are doing.

You are making a stance against online bullying by doing just that and being a bully.

There are other ways to make your point.