#11 David Zaharakis - signed till end of 2021


Get off your high horse. Zaharakis was good last night and was one of our best but his two games previously were very ordinary.
This is a support/fan base site, here to talk about all things Essendon.
I would have dropped him from the team after the first two games and kudos to Woosha for not dropping him. Well played Zaka.


Anybody who thinks civil norms are followed on blitz are delusional.

Good work Deckham.

Just make sure you are squeeky now.

Also, dont argue nuance with new age SJW internet of things types. They can’t tell the difference between gross internet keyboard warrior abuse and your style as a cranky sarcastic wanka :wink:.


come off it ffs


You obviously haven’t spent time around footy clubs. I’m a dinosaur I know but some of these blokes need to harden up. I’ve had coaches my career who have got physical with players and given the biggest sprays you will ever see and as a coach I’ve dished out plenty of bakes and called players out for being weak or soft. Most players took it in their stride and the ones that didn’t got moved on. I’m a little embarrassed now when I look back at some of the things I did to players over the years but as a coach you live and die by results.


No problem, call for him to be dropped, give reasons etc etc but name calling and personal stuff is poor. Some think that it’s their choice and I’m not gonna argue around that but some of us don’t like it so it’s our choice to say so.


Hugh difference between a coaches spray and some keyboard warriors saying ridiculous things online. You have to remember some of these blokes are still teenagers and they definitely read the online stuff. Constructive criticism is a great thing but some of the toxic ■■■■ people say on here is way out of line.


Doesn’t make it right, mate. Times are changing. Also… don’t assume what I’ve done in the my time. Guesses are usually wrong.


When I was young I used to bag Craig Bradley for being an ‘outside’ player. I didn’t realise that you needed players with complimentary skills to become a good side.

A decade later and living in Carlton, I used to watch the Blues train on an oval adjacent to Prinny Park. They used to do a circle work type drill on the complete oval. Bradley was mid 30’s and was the only player that ran continuously for the entire time of the drill. He got stacks of the footy as well. I was in awe of him. I realised that ‘footy hardness’ isn’t just running the same way as the footy. It’s also about doing the right things over summer, returning to training super fit, still running in the last quarter etc.

I get/got frustrated with Zaka and Stants occasionally but I absolutely love the commitment to their footy and our club that I reckon they’ve shown for a decade plus. I’m a big fan of both.


And hence the reason I enjoy country footy and SANFL so much more.
And I may be wrong in my assumption but if you have been around enough football clubs you would know it’s perfectly acceptable and still happens each and every week


Nah. It’s not perfectly acceptable.

Also, it’s inneffectual most of the time.

It is a tactic used by muppetts who have a limited skill set.


If anyone has an issue with anything I’ve said could they please quote me and I’ll happily retort to any post I’ve ever made. Again it’s the same cycle with these kind of players. Has a bad few games, everyone jumps on the bag wagon, has a good game and those people come back with a “told you he’s great” post. Again it’s the consistency that’s the issue, I don’t think anyone has said he can’t play some excellent football. I never say anything I wouldn’t happily say in public.

I think he had an excellent game from where I sat on Level 1 wings last night. Thought he was tough, hard, composed and did everything I know he can do but sometimes chooses not to. But he really sums up the epidemic of Essington, absolutely brilliant one week, utter putrid the next. I hope he finds it in himself to use that effort as the minimum required effort and not the once every three games effort. He’s a senior player so we expect more and I hope he keeps what he did last night and replicates it every game for the year. And is it me or does he play heaps better at the G?


In fairness. Zakka gets judged harshly on here.

He has been a consistent player for a long time now.

The entire club was underprepared for round 1 & 2. He certainly wasn’t the most underprepared.


Ah cool, better get on the phone to Clarko and let him know he is a muppet. Not to mention the dozens of SANFL Premiership coaches and local league Premiership coaches. Clarko has given some of the biggest barrels I’ve ever seen and used to love calling out players infront of others


Yep. Zaka can have a good game by most players standards but if it isn’t 30 disposals and 6 tackles he cops it. And i don’t like when people question whether his hearts in it. Nice to see him get some recognition for a really good performance last night though.


He used to. That’s kind of the point right? Good coaches have learnt that managing by fear isn’t effective.


According to players there he still does.


You’ve gone from

@Deckham highlighting keyboard warriors

To your love of bush footy and the types of communication

To Clarko the greatest coach of all time.

It’s hard to make a point when you bounce everywhere.

As per your assumption about what footy clubs I have and haven’t been too. Anyone who uses sex, race, gender to disparage or motivate someone is not up to date with modern standards. This type of language is typical of the kind of bush footy you are talking about.

And I hazard a guess Clarko isn’t doing this.


Look out… Here we go.

The social justice warriors and PC fan bois are arking up in the Zaharakis thread again…


Where have I ever said anything about race, gender or sexuality?
Things like you are weak kent or soft and pathetic are used all the time in all footy from Clarko to guys coaching bush D grade. If a player can’t handle being labelled soft or a marshmallow they are in the wrong game


All his best footy is played on the ball. Once he is instructed to play outside, he plays too outside and doesn’t commit to contests. Tonight he played a lot more inside, his mindset is totally different when he is instructed to do this. Remember how good he was when all the other player where band? He played inside…

He should never be played on a wing again. His pace on the ball was telling. I think it was a very good thing that Myers and Langford didn’t play. Rotate Stringer, Heppel, and tippa through the middle as our bigger body’s. Tonight we match there very tough big midfield without Myers and Langford.