#11 David Zaharakis - signed till end of 2021


I had a good laugh when Zaka kicked that goal in the 3rd quarter, ran to the interchange bench to go off but was then told “Nah uh, you got to stay on, no one is able to come on”. And his reaction was like “you’re kidding me, I’m buggered and need a rest, ■■■■…” :joy::joy:


I’ve been around a few football clubs too and more cricket clubs and this is well and truly changing. Swearing, rah rah, has its place very very occasionally. Once or twice a year and you don’t want to use it up. Every week stuff is very lower league level bygone era coaching.


I don’t think he does. He can be very soft in the contest sometimes. I think its a mindset thing for him though. When he is instructed to play outside he sits back to much, and doesn’t go when he should. When he is played on the ball he is a different animal. Still gets enough of the ball on the outside too.


Meh, Plays well when the team is going well but same old zaka no where to be seen when things get tough.


well said


Harsh. Last night he was a big reason for the team playing well.

Zaka is usually the icing, but last night I thought he was the cake too.


Yea and then next week in a tough game he is no where to be seen. He has been doing this for the last 7 years of his career.


That’s not fair. He was one of the driving players last night. I’d argue he got the team up and going.


To keep my food analogy going, I do agree that the proof will be in the pudding.

I learnt a long time ago to not expect 25 possession and a goal per game from him … there will be occasions where he does that, but I don’t necessarily disagree that he is a bit flaky. But I had him last night as one of our best … so props to him for that.

If/when he is rubbish I have no problems calling it out either, and I did think he was poor in JLT particular but more than happy to acknowledge that there was some proper substance in his game … hard running, attack at ball and … even at the man. Goals. He should be pleased with his game. And so should we be. I am, for sure


FWIW I have no issue at all with what deckham posted. I stand by everything I have ever posted. Some have been proven to be right some have proven to be beyond wrong. It’s a footy forum, it’s an emotional place

You just need to realise deckham that anytime you abuse other posters from now on,you are going to look like a hypocrite


I challenge him to repeat this effort next week.


It’s hard to believe the Zaharakis and Bellchambers I saw on TV last night were the same two players the previous weeks.

Why didn’t they play with last might’s commitment and intensity from Round 1?

They are very frustrating to watch.


Wasn’t nearly as bad week 1 as made out here. 9 contested in week one. Second most behind Shiel. Not saying he was great but out of the list he was far from the bottom half. But around here it is confirmation bias city re him if we lose.

Btw all those saying he can’t play wing - last night he was on the wing a fair bit or started in 50, only went into centre square in the last when others ran out of legs.


I’m sure it does, mate - I am not disputing that at all.

Look, here’s an example.

Take this sentence:
“He is a useless soft spud and should never wear Essendon colours again”.
Not an uncommon type of statement around here.

Now - try transposing it to the first person and imagine saying that to anyone directly.
“you are a useless soft spud and you should never wear Essendon colours again”

If it feels totally normal and something you would do if you were upset with how someone played - then all I can say is, you may have a problem with your managerial/motivational skills. If you wouldn’t/haven’t/couldn’t say that, then we don’t really need to be having this argument.

I reckon people speak online in the way they would if they were having a private conversation with a friend, rather than as if they were taking aloud in a public space with many listeners.


Do you understand that ‘social justice’ is actually a good thing, and not a derogative?
Probably not.


I get your point - however remember - I am talking to someone directly - not about someone.


Have absolutely told that to players myself and have also been told that probably numerous times by various coaches myself. Sometimes when I played I needed a good kick up the ■■■■. As a coach I have told players to GAGF and not come back.


That collision with (Jetta i think) on the wing was great didn’t go to ground and kept going.


Played great last night. He’s shown the player he can be when he puts in that effort on both sides of the ball, now he has to keep it up.


You could tell early on in the game that his effort and intensity was well up. Laid a couple of hard tackles and also cleaned up Jetta in that marking contest.

Did not come close to anything like that in the previous 2 weeks.

I just don’t get why it takes a baking for him/essendon to come out firing. Should be week in week out