#11 David Zaharakis - signed till end of 2021


There is a big difference between a spray and abuse.

I would expect, having never herd one, Clarko’s spray wouldn’t be calling the guy a Gay ■■■■■ who belongs in a petting Zoo. But I bet he would have video tape up and replay a weak act 20 times whilst explaining loudly and directly why that kind of act is not warranted in his football team. I wouldn’t be surprised if he then threatened players with their job if they didn’t improve.

Most of the internet barrelling of player falls into the abuse category.


I haven’t seen “gay” used on here too often and definitely very rarely heard it used against a player by a coach.


Ahhhh…but that was perfectly normal and acceptable not that long ago…


Police officer has just been charged with bullying junior staff. See article below.

AFL is a job, an anecdote on what happens in suburban footy isn’t really equivalent. You can suck up getting roasted in suburban footy as an hour later your having a beer with the coach and if you really hate it you stop playing or move clubs. Totally different equation for an AFL player who spends all week every week at the club, it’s their job and career.


May have been but never heard it used much.
I’ve copped plenty over my career and you just cop it on the chin and move on. Sometimes you just deserve a good spray. I’d be pretty disappointed if my boss didn’t give a decent tongue lashing from time to time. I’ve had to tone things down as I find plenty of new staff can’t handle criticism so I usually find a way to move them on pretty quickly


When you say “move them on” do you mean motivate? Or end employment?


End employment or moved to another section if they have some set skills




I’ve managed a business for over a decade and have never once had to “give a spray” (abuse?) my staff. They’ve always been highly motivated and hard working. It seems like a pretty flawed way to treat and manage people.


You have been terminated


Back to Zaka though. Will he back up his performance next weekend?


I have been at Optus 18 years, in that time I have had senior bosses who think motivation is to call people names, yell abuse and make wild accusations.

My best ever boss was one who was genuinely caring, always encouraged and helped people understand their skills and abilities. That person has always got the best out of people, the others always just made people scared and uncertain and stay in their shells.


From time to time you get staff that like to take the liberty and rock up a few minutes late every day or still make the same mistakes constantly. The younger lads seem to be the worst as they know the hours they have to work before they get the job and then HR explains it again to them at the interview and yet for some reason they all need to knock off an hour early some days to get to football or soccer training and then crack the sulks when told they can’t.


Good game from Zaka

But his problem has never been talent it’s been commitment and consistency.

He’s set the standard now!


Yeah i’m probably misinterpreting what you mean by “a spray” a little. I still expect that employees do 100% what is required of them. And if they don’t then their job is at risk. I’d just pull them aside and tell them in calm way. I’ve had to fire people before. I’ve just never in over 10 years had to raise my voice or intimidate anybody.


I’m guessing he’ll back it up. He looked like he enjoyed that win more than anybody.


I wasn’t meaning it was, just as an example of the distinction between abuse and a spray from a coach.


I certainly hope so. The effort he put in should be the standard each week

Will he back it up, who the hell knows


That’s the million dollar question. He was good from the Geelong game in 2017 until late in the season (poor first 5 rounds).
Last year had a good start then got injured
2016 he was tagged out of alot of games in the middle of the year.


Aceman. I like your football opinions better than your business opinions. You know football good.

Stick to the football bit.