#11 David Zaharakis - signed till end of 2021


Zaka was on SEN this afternoon.

Very good interview.

He’s very open and honest and doesn’t mind having a laugh.


Did he say anything particularly insightful?


Bring in Draper


that’s a given


I’m thinking he would make a decent footy personality post playing career. Has what it takes.


Did he expand further on the reasons behind the change within the team when they played the Dees?


He spoke about how the round 1 loss was a result of a lack of intensity and effort from the squad.

KB asked if Ruttens gameplan was having any negative effects and he basically said that there are always adjustments even throughout the year so it’s not something the club are using as a reason of an excuse.

He said that their bread and butter is to pressure the opposition and they didn’t bring it in round 1.

They were far happier with the effort against saints but their disposal let them down.

KB also asked him about Wooshas lack of using a tagged. He basically said they do jobs on opposition players around stoppages but they back in team defence in generral.

kB cheekily asked him if he would prefer to play sides who tag or sides that have team defence. Zaka said he prefers playing against team defence.

There was more but they stood out. He’s a good operator and wouldn’t be surprised if he goes into media.


I think so too. Although i got yelled at on here when i said his interview after round one was good haha. You have better timing than me.


Media jobs are hard to come by if you don’t have a swag of medals around your neck or multiple AAs, David would want to start cranking out Premierships.


He’s very good.

Doesn’t have the media polish that some of the others have.

Bit more free flowing and honest.


I think his looks might open a few doors.

Plus the fact that he’s from Essendon helps due the audience being big already.


Yep. Similar to Dev Smith.


Hate to say it, but bit of a Brad Johnson type, media-wise.


Please be wrong.

Johnson is an enormous flog. He is Cameron Ling levels of flog.


Could see him on one of those Getaway or Better Homes Than Yours type shows.


Brad Johnson?

Don’t think so.

The Dev comparison is good but minus the agro😊


Right this very moment they’ve uploaded the interview on the Essendon website.


Never go full donnington


He has the looks, the personality… even similar builds, and the way he speaks.


But he’s bulldogs Deckham.