#11 David Zaharakis - signed till end of 2021


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Zaka, Johnson and Langers. Spot the odd one out.


that would imply that isn’t their bread and butter then hey?


Are you calling Zaka a liar?


great game again today. was v clean and clinical with the ball, and once again showed guts as well when needed. covered alot of ground tog with Zach.
more of the same pls Zaka!


Has put his head over the ball and has gone hard the past two games.

That hip and shoulder he copped from Hodge with a 50/50 ball up for dispute on this wing in the first (maybe second?) quarter was a great sign.

If he keeps this up all season then he might actually realise his potential.


I gave him the 2 votes.


Really liked his game yesterday. Some Brisbane flog dropped both his knees into him at the bottom of the pack in the 1st qtr yesterday, looked to really of hurt him. Next contest he went to he hit it full force

Well done zaka


backed up his good game from last week. And that is what you want to see.

I expected him to come good. he is too experienced not to. Had a poor JLT and he was in the gun after round 1 for smiling after a game, but glad to see his form turnaround.

I’m liking the harder edge from the last two games. Hopefully its a deliberate mindset thing and not co-incidental. As long as he doesn’t revert to games where he coasts he is a damaging player, and a real barometer for the side


Done good.
Played strong.
Hope he doesn’t go too far the other way and hurt himself.


Having Hepp, Shiel, Merret & McGrath (and Parish) around has certainly brought out the best in Zaka. He needs that around him, and that’s not a bad thing. Because if the rest of our mids are playing ■■■■, Zaka isn’t going to win the game for us regardless.


I think his last 2 games have shown why everyone wanted him dropped.

Rounds 1 & 2 compared to 3 & 4 have just been polar opposites in terms of effort and intent


When your engine carks it you can scream at your wheels for not turning, but you’re wasting your time.


R1- 9CP, 2T
R2- 6 CP, 4T
R3-16CP, 4T
R4-6CP, 2T

First 2 rounds total 15CP, 6T
Rounds3 and 4 total 22CP, 6T

First 2 rounds everyone plays low intensity compared to oppo - link man ineffective, despite doing ok at CP (for a mostly outside player).
Second two rounds, much better pressure and offensive run - link man does better with modest increase in CP.

What rounds 3 and 4 show is that dropping him after rounds 1 and 2 would have been a monumentally stupid overly emotional response, and was frankly never a snowflakes chance of happening despite standard blitz roller coaster opinion going nuts after a loss or two. The blitz match committee would have us on 4 losses but least we’d be getting games into unripe or unfit youngsters rather than has beens or never weres like ( in that opinion) Zaka, brown, etc.

One or two bad losses in a few weeks and you just know where this thread will go.


He was almaot exclusively out there in 2017 and most of 2018.

Still reckon we dropped the ball in 2017 - badly.

Playing Watson all the way through, on top of Hepp & Myers and a sprinkling of Howlett/Bird threw out our balance.
Not to mention made it near impossible to blood kids (ie Langford and McGrath) in the midfield.

Whereas in 2018 we didn’t get results, but I was very very impressed with the development put into the midfield group (both new players and existing guys in new/different roles).

Everything starts from midfield, and I think it’s starting to click now.

People will chalk it up to Shiel, but a lot of work in 2018 went into McGrath, Langford & Parish, of course the Most Improved Player™, ran a handful of different guys through the wings. they even threw Hepp a few defensive assignments.


Zak, Back and Crack out this week with a leg infection… what’s going down at Tulla with all these weird-a*se lower leg injuries?

Edit: not out of North game - HeraldSun beat up


Agree about Shiel. He will help a lot but no one player is going to carry a team to ultimate success. They are a key factor but they can’t do it all themselves. Judd at Carlton - nup. Watson with us - nup. All successful teams with an elite gun star player still need a decent depth of other top players to do their part.


C7 news reporting that he is in hospital with the leg infection.