#12 Mark Baguley


So long as he keeps tackling, bumping, being a general nuisance and kicking a few goals, he is alright by me. Surprised but happy with his output.


I wonder if he’d be one of the top guys at setting s standard at training as well?


Certainly does when it comes to set shot goal-kicking!


Six weeks to go and still relatively new to the role he’s been assigned. He might make it impossible for them to even consider cutting him by season’s end.


This kid could be anything


I think we have found one here.


bags growing in confidence as an offensive weapon as well as a defensive one bodes very good for our forwardline (and bad news for Green)


The bad news for Green is that he’s a limited player with barely a defensive tendon in his body, let alone bone.

Bags has been excellent up forward and I’m firmly in the “one more year” camp, but let’s face it, Green would be in his spot if he was any good.


Couldn’t wipe the grin off his face after that big mark and goal.

Well done Bags.


Pretty much.

It’s hard not to be happy for Bags atm. He was legit cooked as a defender, and he’s just fought on and impressively extended his career.

One more year for sure in my mind.


Nothing wrong with making sure his output stays similar for the year then, if it does, offering him one year.
If he turns to ■■■■ next year he’ll be a good leader for the VFL side and you’ll know whoever has taken his spot will have earnt it.


He’s won me over, I’d be giving him another year. As long as he knows he is going to miss games. But his attack on the footy is infectious and a great guy to have leading the youth.


I would be waiting to see how he ends the year before giving him another year. He hasn’t done too much wrong since moving forward that’s for sure.

If it came down to giving Bags or Green another year. Bags wins


You don’t drop guys like Baguley.


His energy up forward is fantastic. Gives his everything.


Or trade them


Solid member of the Terrier pack.


Talk about turning your career around! After ANZAC Day game I thought it was all over for him.
Well done Bags and well done coaches!


Smashed it did Bags. I thought he was gone


The evidence would suggest otherwise