#12 Mark Baguley


why have we been wasting this hff of our dreams in the back pocket?

he’s got the goal sniff in him now, and his field kicking the last two weeks has been elite


One day he is going to send someone to the morgue when he hits someone flush with one of his shepherds

Was fantastic tonight


Loved him conning a free from the ump on the wing in the last quarter. Learnt some tricks over the years!


Who the hell is this kid, taking screamers, kicking snaps, smashing them in from 50, presenting a target, drilling opponents…

Sign him up now.


I can’t believe Bags is playing forward. Did you think he could play forward? What the hell is he doing forward?

“No idea, I thought he was done” Jobe Watson 27 July 2018


Pretty much offers the same amount of goals as Josh Green, but also offers SO much more.

I want to see Bags as a pressure forward in a final.


Will do damage. Wants to do damage.

Jeez I hope we get to see that this year.


To be fair, they’re nothing alike.

Green plays for frees, loses his feet, looks unfit, doesn’t have a much of a second effort and is poor overhead and can’t kick over a jam tin.

Bags is a stud


Is there a happier guy at Essendon at the moment?

Playing fantastic footy which should get him another year and just looks to be really enjoying himself.

Well done Bags


Didn’t think he had the goal from 50 in him


Talk of delisting him is crazy, gets a year easily. He’s been a revelation for us up forward, pressure and goals.


Can’t believe I’m saying this, but other clubs would pick him up if we didn’t sign him.
I mean plural.


This is career best form, down back he was worrisome defending a player but up forward he’s dangerous and players are worrying about him.


Kid? He’s nearly 30 isn’t he


Bloke was vice captain in 16, must be rated highly internally.


Is he…?


Gold Coast would be desperate for a player with his work ethic


The way he leads is excellent and also got great hands. Been a revelation up there.

That important first goal of last quarter was so good.


Genius move by Worsfold to make him a forward


Yes. He was just lolly bags back then. Now he’s the bagman. Or something.