#12 Mark Baguley


I tell a lie. 31.


Well I’m shocked, surely not a day over 21


Has he got Pakistani heritage


Playing the brand of footy that Woosha has been banging on about, sign him up for another.


No… Frankston


Never has a player made me question my ability to pick a good footballer than this bloke has.

He proves over and over again that I’m a dill. And good on him for it.


Oh, I always have a soft spot for the tradesmen, the grafters, the bastards.


Love him, talk of delisting him is ridiculous I’ll never understand why supporters are keen on retiring guys who are not only playing well but bring all the benefits of experience.


love him too
gives his heart every week
and not afraid to mix it


Tbf he did look really shakey earlier in the season and in danger of losing his spot but since his move forward he hasn’t missed a beat easily goes on again next year.


Children like new shiny things.


Would legit make him dinner.




There’s 3 ways to take that, … I’m just gonna assume it’s the least disturbing one, … :smirk:


Best 22 in a canter.


Here we are 5 years later. The guy has been re invented as a small forward.
He is over 30 but is the king of repeat sprints and a high speed runner, who can lead out and mark the low ball or play seagull out the back.
I knew he was tough, I didnt realise he was so fast.


The bloke is all heart.

One of my favorites.


Let’s not rule anything out until we know if we’re playing finals.


Contract talks on hold pending Disco shenanigans


Wise decision by club