#12 Mark Baguley



Just sign him already. He has earned it. Hopefully negotiations are centred on how long the next contract is for. He is a heart and soul player.


Disagree. Had a good season up forward but he is one that isexpendable if we get someone like shiel etc.

If we get a free agent or someone via trade it is gyys like baguley or dea who should be making way rather than us keeping them.on the list and forgoing draft picks


Green and Colyer would be cut before Bags. Long before.


Inevitable part of going after multiple big $ fish

Uncontracted players are going to get the chop and those 30+ more likely

Colyer is contracted. Green is only 26


Agree. Green should go. Colyer won’t cos contracted.

Long will go but i still think there is a player in there


I reckon if this is the case we must be heading for a decent cleanout.
Surely guys like Green and Long would be in trouble. I know they’re younger but they’re well behind at the moment.
Plus other guys like Dea and Hartley… I know they’re completely different positions, but they’re more fringe than Bags.

Fascinating offseason looming


Begley coming back makes it harder for him too. In fact if begley hadn’t done knee he may not have had an opportunity up forward.

If it was me I’d give baguley the chop. I knowthats harsh but its mainly from a list management point of view.

That said I’d not be too dissapointed to see him out there next year either


Dea’s omission is also interesting.


Remember when Hawthorn was on top of the world and everyone was talking about how Essendon need to start being a ruthless club if we want to move forward? These are the kind of things that happen at ruthless clubs. It doesn’t feel good but hopefully it leads to something special.

For me I hope he plays on. The only hurdle is if the club is comfortable with his age.


Of all the guys who’s futures are probably up in the air…Looney, Green, Hartley, Long, McNeice, Dea…maybe even 1 or 2 contracted guys…I’d just about like to keep Baguley the most. That might not be logical…it might be sentiment speaking. But I just reckon if he could re-produce this season’s form he’d be useful, and at the very least he’ll show any new youngsters who are competing for his spot, how hard they need to work on the track and on the field.
I know the other guys I’ve listed are younger than Bags, but I reckon any of them that survive this year will be very lucky to survive the end of next year, so it’s very unlikely they’ve got a longer future than Bags, regardless of age.


That’s very big of you, almost decent.


I see no reason to not keep Bags for another year at least.


With our current list I agree.
Who is to say though that we don’t pick up a better small forward in a trade, as a FA or a Cyril circa-2008?


Might not be about whether he stays, but how much he gets paid.

Had a good enough year to get offered a contract extension.


No disrespect to Bags but no other club will pick him up, so we can delay a decision as long as we need.


What can i say, I’m a wonderful human


Keep him please. Gun.


I think he will get another contract but at this stage it’s prudent management to not execute any more contracts until we know if we are bringing players in. If this was his last game for the club he would probably know.


We’re getting Cyril via the Mal Michael route?



You’re okay, better than that comment. So is Bags, he deserves another contract based on what he has done for us this season.