#12 Mark Baguley


That’s if we stick with the three small forwards setup.


Insightful comment from 14 Feb 2018 !


Which we should. It works. Pace all over the ground works.

It’s not the only thing we need. Most of all we need 100% intensity throughout the game. But if we build to that, then pace will kill the opposition.


It’s hard to see us wanting to do otherwise.

I’m pretty confident that they expect to try Smack and Daniher together in the forward line next year. Stringer 3rd tall rotating through the midfield. I don’t think we can afford another medium unless they are very agile and quick. I also think they’d love to run Fanta on a wing.

Definitely room for a couple more small forwards on our list in my opinion.


I just can’t see this talk of playing Raz through the midfield, for any more than sporadic trips.

It’s hard enough to find good small forwards.


Yep, I get that. But I think Raz is a very very special player. You just need to get him the ball as often as you can, and I think he’d see more ball on the wing.

I don’t know why we wouldn’t try and find another quality small forward to release him.


Wingers are far easier to find than small forwards of Raz’s calibre.

We have Zaka, McGrath, Redman, Parish, Guelfi to do it very capably and Mutch, Ridley, Colyer as well.


Glenn Manton? Jordan bannister?

It would be soul destroying going to that shitheap


Fantasia kicks goals and your goal kickers need to play close enough to goal to be able to kick them.


Would 100% punt Bags. Flame away.


I would have been more likely to punt him at the end of last year, than the end of this one.

20 goals from the games he did play forward, was a damn decent return, without taking into account his defensive work.


numbnut$ is censored WTF. Bags is one of my favourites for sure. Plenty of others for the chop before him.


You liked Dell. Your opinion on small forwards is irrelevant


Anyone calling for his delisting go back and watch the game against Geelong. He was sublime and the game changed the course of our season.


Anyone is easier to find than someone of Raz’s calibre. He’s very, very, very good.

I think small forwards are (in general) cheaper and easier to get. Look how many of the good ones were originally pick 50+ or rookies. Wingers and outside mids often go earlier in the draft.
I think our best strategy would be to get the inside and outside mids (either draft or trade) with the early two picks, and go after small forwards and any other less pressing list holes after that.


This is why.

People thinking we are hunting Shiel, Setterfield etc to replace other mids I think will be surprised to find that bringing in quality mids will push Langford, Smith, McG and even Zakka forward more often and hence them filling the space. Not another small forward.


Back 8

Hooker, Hurley, Francis, Gleeson, Saad and McKenna.

Now I think you have to be playing Ridley and Redman next year or we may as well trade them. They are young and now coming into maturity where they need to play.

Belly and Smack

Heppel, Langford, Zerrett, Smith, parish, mcG, zaharakis, Guelfi

Stringer, Walla, Daniher, Fantasia

Now that isn’t including any recruits, any draftees, or quite a few youngsters like Begleyor Mutch. It also isnt including a 3rd tall like a Laverde or Stewart nor Mitch Brown


If offloading Baguley means we improve the list with another player or two then so be it.


Bags is one my fav players on our list and he deserves another year based on his ferocious attack on the ball and opposition. His ability to play forward and If injuries occur on match day he can play a role down back.
He is a great trainer and leader at our club and i would prefer bagse the last guy on our list signed over another 18yr old unknown.


I think that’s an ideal world. But guys like Langford and Zaka (even though they are dangerous forward) aren’t going to provide enough forward pressure and Langford is certainly not a small. Plus they’ll still be wanting to rotate Tippa and Fanta through the midfield at times.
I like McGrath as a small forward, so I hope they try resting him there at times. Fanta, Tippa, McGrath and Smith (to a lesser extent Zaka) rotating through the forwardline will keep up the forward pressure and goal smarts.

But even with that, we need more depth, because we’ve got zero small forward and outside mid/wing depth.
Whether we get guys who will eventually transition into the midfield or specialist small forwards or wingers, we need more of that. We’ve already delisted Jerrett and Green who were part of that depth, so we should be looking for like for like replacements. If we remove Long and Baguley we’d need to be looking for 2 more.

I’d personally keep Bags for one more year and get 3 youngsters to replace Jerrett, Green and Long. Let the youngsters see/learn how hard Bags works on the track