#12 Mark Baguley


Would love Begley back in as well. Lav was the traveling emergency though and should definitely come in this week, IMO.


The forwards rely on others to get them the footy. Least of all small fwds who rely on ball coming to ground from the talls who generally get the ball kicked to them firstly.

Our midfield was attrocious both with ball movement (fumbling, tentative) but also with lack of pressure to get repeat entries.

You’d have hated to be a forward for us on the weekend and all their stats reflect accordingly.


Bring in Mozzie!!




started last season exactly the same. responses here with identical - gassed, finished etc. will be interesting how he responds


so a small forward thats there for defensive pressurte has 0 on percenters, 5 turnovers from 8 possessions?

please tell me how lav would’ve been worse.


I was shot down for saying he looked horrific in the JLT and should not play.

Spot on.


Haven’t you been saying that for two years?


He and Myers are cooked IMO.


just going out on the limb thats under the limb he was already out on.


I would give him one more game to turn it around. If he doesn’t then he goes to the vfl and we move on


Not having a go at you but fark I hate this rationalising of old ■■■■ players.

“Oh, they’ve been a good servant for the club though!”

The club doesn’t owe any player anything and if this mentality doesn’t turn around then we’ll have another 20 year drought.

If you play like ■■■■■, see you in the VFL the week after.

If you are declining and not up to standard anymore, thanks but you are delisted.

For a club that runs like a well oiled machine off the field, they are as crooked as a dogs hind leg, on it. All over the place like a druggies breakfast at the best of times.

The club talks so frequently about “having competition for spots” and “having a lot of talent across the ground” and yet players rarely get punished for poor performance and rarely get rewarded for good performance in the VFL.

There is no competition for spots when Myers, Ambrose, Baguley etc get a free pass every week.

It would be farking disheartening as a young bloke coming through looking for an opportunity playing for this club.


It’s a no brainer given that we have traded so many picks in the past 2 years that we give some youth a go.

D. Clarke in for Myers and Lav/Begley in for Baguley


He’s the same age as Heath Hocking

I reckon Heath could perform this role as good if not better than Baguley is.

Is Begley fit? Surely he comes straight in once he is.


They are professionals. They are WELL paid to train and become skilful in their craft which is Australian Rules Football. The EFC and the AFL are their employer and they are an employee or contractor. So men, you are NOT boys, do your job because last week many of you didn’t bother, the game itself and the lack lustre effort was disgraceful and a disgrace to the jumper.

A big thumbs down. This week, please, do your job well. That’s all we ask.


Move him back to defence to play as a small defender


In the VFL
His AFL days are over and he is just holding back the progress of a kid


He lost that spot 2 years ago.

If he isn’t a small forward it’s over.


He’s no Eddie Betts.
He’s probably the 46th best small forward in the league.


Sentiment had him re-listed.

A gut instinct and leadership response would have said he is too old and not best 22.