#12 Mark Baguley


He was in plenty of the 3rd quarter, bar the out of bounds OOF from 50


Thought he was past it in the first half and that we wouldn’t be seeing him for at least a few rounds. But he came really good and was instrumental in the second half.


I thought baggers was good.

Had some really important touches.


Was very poor in the first half imo. However when he stayed more forward after half time he came right back into the game and was quite important at times.


Has played approximately 124 games more than was required.


Thought he offered bugger all.

Got a few touches in the third but that was it.

We can get far more out of his position by playing a younger player who has a far higher ceiling.


Can never doubt his endeavour, but when Begley is fit or when Mozzie is ready then Baguley should make way


Took some important grabs and pressures hard, don’t get why people doubt him, could have had a few goals too just missed


He’s nowhere near best 22. I think it’s time for someone else to get a crack.


The word Doubt, doesn’t enter my mind ,when I watch Baguley .


However the word Why ,does enter my mind.


Minding the spot for Mo22ie. Did some OK things but was unsighted for a lot of the game.

PS: I love BAGS.


He was good In the third quarter, and OK in the second half. He’s still nowhere near good enough

That will most likely but him another 2 months though


Yeah he still doesn’t look great. The problem is who to replace him with as a small pressure forward?

Laverde - Injured
Begley- Probably still a month off being in the conversation
Mozzie - Maybe next year

Your left with maybe Jake Long or Dylan Clarke who have both been played in other positions.

Switch Guelfi forward and promote Redman is another option?


Just working his way into season

Took some very important contested marks and probably should have had 2-3 goals.

Played his role and that’s that.

Can’t expect him to be a star.

Begley once fit and firing perhaps to take the spot. But really as everyone has noted, warming the seat for Mozzie.


Bring in Ham


I don’t mind the Guelfi option


Been very good today


Incredibly good pressure and finish.

He’s faster than everyone thinks.


Tapping the ball behind him developing into a signature move.