#12 Mark Baguley


I think once Begley gets a good month or so of football in his legs it’s lights out for Bags’ career unless he gets some of those 3 of 4 goal bags he he did last year or does something he hasn’t shown much of recently.


And who exactly are all these young small forwards demanding games right now?


Did you not read my post?

Ukovic. Obviously


I think Bags is the best person we have for the position and nobody yet has shown otherwise.

Bags is important because he may not have elite skills but he has consistent skills, which is more than what we can say for captain turnover and some of our other A grade players.


Needs to put on some weight - still dreadfully skinny

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Does Begley offer the same defensive pressure and hardness?

What about McKenna? Has better understanding of the game now. Great kick. Tough. Fast. Bring in Gleeson across half back.


He played well yesterday and well the week before, he was excellent when moved forward last year. He’s forward pressure is very good and he kicks goals. No one in the VFL has shown they can play the role better and until they do he stays. Poor old Bagley every time he has a mediocre game everyone wants to retire him.


Ham, for me. I know he’s being groomed at hb but I reckon that’s a mistake. Ham is the nuggety quick pressuring goal sneak to replace Bags.


Scorch thinking outside the square. I like it.
Its not widely known that Conor has very good goal sense, if anything his kicking has improved since he played the game.

A spot has to be found for Gleeson.

But I don’t expect the match committee to be radical thinkers like you.




This is so wrong. He’s been good and deserves credit for it.


I like the idea of Mckenna forward and gleeson back, would add an entire other dimension to our team, can chuck McKenna behind the ball if we need some run.
McKenna would be a great pressure forward as well hmm




“Seeing what you are seeing”?

Bags has been has been copping sh11t for as long as I can remember.

Of every 100 comments about Bags maybe 3 are positive.


Yeah but I meant this game in particular.

He actually played like a chip scab. Which I didn’t think Baguley had in him.



Had a very good game.

1 goal 3 assists and 7 score involvements is a great day at the office.

You say he only had 3 tackles but that was the same as Walla and two more than Fantasia.

We played yesterday off the fast break a lot so it wasn’t congested in our forward half so you aren’t going to see a lot of tackles.

Our forwards were very efficient once inside 50 with finding teammates and Brisbane put us under very little pressure.

When the ball is coming in slow and our forwardline is congested that’s when Bags will stand out more. He’s a great contested mark and will always put his body on the line.

Yesterday he more than did his job adequately.


Agree i reckon he would be alright as a small defensive forward because i think the ball came out too easily yesterday, nuggety though i’d say his the opposite of that he would weigh about 65kg looking at him.


Is he? Good grief. Hopefully that’s a temporary situation.


It’s a tough one tbh, we do need some back up for McKenna and Saad but I also think Ham is better suited to the forwardline, he just knows where the goals are and has a history of kicking bags in the TAC. They could be playing him in defense to round out his game and reinforce the defensive aspects of the game.

Jok is the one I’d be playing off HB, super runner, plays tall and small and would be able to cover most forwards with his leap, speed, and height.


I think once Begley is fit and firing he might take his spot. He’s a tackling machine who can apply a lot of pressure, good hands and a great kick. Also a powerhouse and an odd match up. It’ll be his spot soon I think