#12 Mark Baguley


Ham nuggets…yum!


Did his job

They can’t all be stars. Puopulo always in the shadow of Rioli & Breust but still played a vital role.

Pressures. Hits the scoreboard. Assists other to do so. And gets to good areas in the fwd line to be involved.

Our first two goals of game he was involved in, tackle to dispossess player who Zaka collected ball and hit up TIPPA & the long kick to Stringer who marked in the pack.

Then later in first half kicked one himself and also the clever tap over his head to Brown


Bags bleeds red and black and gives his best most of the time. There is no one in the seconds who has stepped up for his spot full time yet and until there is, its his and he does it very well. He’s not as classy as some players however he puts his body on the line for the team and for his team mates every time.


Baguley isn’t disgracing himself and is performing to the best of his ability which is AFL level. He did lead the team in goal assists and had basically the same score board impact as Stringer and Fantasia.

I would actually prefer if Begley is made to earn his position in the seniors, and I want him confident, hungry and champing at the bit when he gets his opportunity. Having said that I don’t want the selection committee to wait until Baguley is in a rut of form before making the change, when Begley is ready and performing, play him.


Agreed. He played a role in 5 of 10 first half goals…1st goal (tackle leads to goal), 2nd (Bags i50), 7th (kicks goal on the run), 9th (taps to Brown) and 10th (another i50).

He’s not a star and he’ll get pushed out of our best 22 later this year but he deserves a bit more respect around here.


He’s a tough little bugger, though. Like a terrier.


Me too.
I hope he starts as a Bags replacement, and then may cameo on the wing.


They started running Orazio off HB in the early days, didn’t they? Seems to be a method for bringing through the particularly skinny guys.


Yep, it is. And the coaches do believe this to be the best pathway, as it can get more difficult doing it in the reverse. However, I think/feel Ham has goals in his eyes, and that’s where he needs to be. Meh - just a causal observation.


I also think it’s an easier spot for the smaller guys to find some footy.

Up forward, with an opponent wearing them, often it’s harder to break away and get any space.

Give him a year finding some footy off half back, do another preseason, then get him either onto the ball, or as you’re pushing for, up to the forward line.


Yep, that’s exactly what Harding told me.


Harding knows his stuff.


Tippa played half back in 2016. Not sure what that means.


Should be dropped.

Gives it his all but looks really slow. His pace really hampered a few counter attacks of ours.

Also butchered a few simple kicks inside 50


A popular myth.


What were you saying about stats the other day?


The max speed doesn’t seem to have a great deal of importance if the two highest rated players are Andrews and Robertson, aka Walla’s bunny.

Also how do they determine a sprint effort? And distance covered at high speed, is it high speed for the individual or an average AFL player?

Without knowing how they’ve come up with those numbers all it shows is that Baguley pushes himself to his limits, whatever they be.


baggers has been excellent, hasn’t missed a beat the last few games


Missed plenty of tackles though


He is not on his Pat Malone there in terms of speaking stats.