#12 Mark Baguley


I was seriously going to question those stats when I saw Captain Courageous listed in the ‘repeat sprints’.
Then I saw Hodge didn’t make it to a mention in either the top speed or the distance categories.

So 8 times Hodge got himself past a jog for what? - 5 metres at a time? Over two hours.
Blitz levels of fitness.


Until someone knocks off his spot, the coaches will back him in. Up to Lav, Begley ect to perform and make the spot there’s


He’s been excellent?

He’s just doing enough, and he will be replaced once a kid starts to demand that spot. He’s been far from excellent


He’s been treading water, it’s a combination of that and there being no body to take his spot. Once there is, he’ll be playing seconds


touche …however (there has to be one, right?) it’s pretty clear here that he is not ‘slow’. Because his speed, and general workrate around the ground all game has been measured. To argue the other side - it is possible that he may not have been travelling all that quickly when the OP watched him.

Factually - Mark Baguley is not slow. He can run faster than most players on our list. He also runs hard, and often.

He is not slow.


Good points.
Relatively, you are right. But if you consider what ‘slow’ means in this context, and then the actual, factual speed that Mark runs at - you’ll find that they do not match up…


Had a great game on the weekend I thought.

Pretty sure some of you blokes just look at the stat sheets whenever you judge a players performance.

And here’s a tip in evaluating forward line players…if the rest of the team along with the ball movement is ■■■■■, then it’s most likely the forward line players will look ■■■■■ too. You just have to look at Walla as a perfect example. He’s a star, who had an epic pre-season and was one of our best in the JLT…and people wanted him dropped after the first 2 games. Now look at him.

Bags isn’t a star but he is a lot more right now than the ‘potential’ of a young player. Cut him some slack.


I’ve seen enough. Sadly the game has past him by and there are a number of players who have gone past him. If Guelfi gets dropped before him it will be a travesty.


Very poor today and have to somehow get Dev and Zaka back in


I have always liked him but, again, he is not offering enough and should be replaced.


Is a liability at the moment.

6 x clangers, 6 x Frees against, 2 x tackles and no score involvements.

He has been average all year, but this is just too poor to not be dropped.


Needs to lift.
Can’t win a contest at the moment and kills momentum by giving away cheap frees.


Definitely a liability now it’s time for a replacement. Been serviceable but should be curtains now for the lad.


Yep, time for someone else. With Zaka and Smith likely to come back you’d think Guelfi should play that role.

Unless they think Begley is ready


Give it a rest Aceman. We have nobody who plays Bags all round role. Unless Begley kicks 5 with a heap of tackles.



We had a win and Bags played his role.



cmon, we can easily find someone to give away stupid frees in the f50.


He’s being made to look worse than he is.
Now whether he’s deciding to be the deepest forward, or that it’s just coincidental that he always seems to be matched up on tall backs, I don’t know.
But he’s better than he’s shown, or been able to show, this year.


Reckon Fridge takes his place before the end of the season. Just going. 10 disposals and 2 tackles today. You could wear it if those tackles numbers were 5+.


Jeez he got the rough end of the stick today.

The frees paid against him were A grade bullshit.