#12 Mark Baguley


To be fair bags didn’t do that either. But i agree there are limited proven options.


I’d play guelfi ahead of him.


he was trash today. has been all year. we need all hands on deck vs pies.


Yeah, he’s been just passable this year but today didnt do anything to help his cause. He’s easily the weakest link in our 22. I dont give a fk if its not like for like, players are flexible these days. He’s offering not much at all and he’s easily replaceable by anyone

Somehow i suspect he will play anzac day, but his days are numbered


Legit felt sorry for him today. You could see him busting a gut, but struggling to get to a contest. Often came in late and gave a poor free away. Occasionally stiff, but the pace of the game has simply caught up with him. Looked really frustrated.

Has been a warrior and wonderful servant of the club as a mature aged player, but is actually having a negative impact on games now. His role as a small pressure forward only works if he is actually pressuring the defenders. Was miles off it today and has been struggling for a while now. Hasn’t done enough to retain his spot (after 5 games) and we have Smith and Zaka to return, Franga trying to break in, along with Begley, etc. It’s time.


Well I’m gonna stand by Baguley just like I did last last year when you wolves were coming.

And probably won’t be bothered to say I told ya so when he performs well.


Exactly how I feel. Everyone makes out like Bags is the only bloke on our entire list that can play that role


The wolves have been coming for Bags for longer than one year.

He puts in 100% every game and plays his role but always cops ■■■■ on here.


You could literally replace him with anyone. He would be my first out for zaka or smith


We don’t have many in the 2’s.

Begley is the most likely but has been coming back from a big injury.

Laverde another but again injured, plus I don’t think he plays ‘small’ as well as Bags.

Mozzie is too raw and physically immature to play more than the odd cameo right now.

Smith does his best work at HF/midfield.

Who else?


100% keep him in.


Yeah, no one doubts his effort mate. He just has no effect. It seems that every time a bags defender comes up, they say something like “oh but he gives 200%, selfless, hard etc”

We know that. But, their are better options out there. Bags is no dud, he’s OK imo. But if we are leaving guys like bags in and leaving talented kids like franga out, there is a problem

Like i said, he will play anzac day imo. But its getting pretty close to the end. It doesnt need need to be a begley, lav, moz etc who replaces him. It can be anyone

He hasn’t cracked more than 10 touches, and he had 2 tackles today and didnt kick a goal in a massive score. Thats not doing enough


People saying he played his role? He laid 2 tackles, had 10 touches and 0 goals as a pressure/small forward. We all love him and there’s no doubt he tries his absolute best out there, but I think he’s just about done


Exactly, and he proved them wrong.

I suppose people just need to have a whipping boy.


Franga definitely could not play as an AFL pressure small forward. 3rd tall/KPP yes.


Ham laid more tackles and had more impact on the scoreboard tonight so why not him? It doesn’t have to be 100% like for like, there a plenty of blokes than can go through there


Yes, when? No one is questioning his heart/character. Taking the emotion out of it & judging him purely on an objective basis, he was extremely poor today. He is a proud player, but I reckon he would be feeling fairly low after today’s effort. 6 frees against is 1/4 of the total frees the tin-rattlers received. No scoreboard impact either. No crunching tackles that I can recall that hurt their players. Great bloke, but had a shocker today.


Loved his game tonight, sneaks under the radar and pops up when least expected


your post made me chuckle.


Quoting myself from last week.

Bring in Ukovic for Baguley is looking even more compelling.