#12 Mark Baguley


You clearly ave little understanding of how opportunity and role works with a player like him.

He ain’t getting opportunities in a star studded forwardline like ours that revolves around movement and rotation.

Bags role is to create contest when required and keep his opponent quiet and if opportunity comes, kick goals.

No doubt it’s his final year but at this stage all his replacements are actually attacking players which doesn’t really suit our setup because we have so many other targets to a for!

I’m all for bringing younger players in but I actually don’t see one that plays in a way that Bags does.


Like Devon Mr Tackle Smith?


You would play Smith as a defensive small forward?

He’s too vital playing up the ground to be wasted down there.


Devon Smith is and will continue to play a load more fwd time this year


I’ve never thought Guelfi is a midfielder and I wanted him tried in defence. But he’;s probably more suited forward than in defence and we’re definitely in more need of someone to play forward.
Guelfi can also spend more time up the ground than Baguley so he gives us a bit more flexibility.

I’d definitely be trying it for a while now.
I’m not saying Bags is done for the year, but I’d give him a few weeks in the 2’s now and give someone else a go.


He plays higher up the ground though.

He’s a high half forward/mid rotation.


Of ■■■■■■ course his time is coming… he’s just on retirement age.
I think Smith comes in and rotates through the fwd line from wing. We don’t necessarily need to have another small pressure fwd with Walla and Fanta there, and Guelf should stay in… but not fwd.

I hope we’ll have a respectful plan with Bags that all understand and are happy with.


Honestly think anyone can come in for Bags. He is offering very little and is our least dangerous player.

If Bags goes out then Guelfi, Smith, Walla and Raz just play a little extra time deeper.

Guelfi could small pressure fwd as well if not better than Baguley whilst also being able to play anywhere else.


People forget that Bags was in the top 10 in the B&F until the final rounds last year.

He’s a very easy target and has been for a long time.


Guelfi, Smith and McGrath could play this role (while resting) until Mozzie is ready.


He is on borrowed time, tries his guts out but if there are no injuries then he needs to make way. Applies great pressure but doesn’t have that forward nous when he is in a good position.


The fact that you think three players would be needed to play Bags role says a lot about his contribution. :blush:


Or that his role only needs part-timers to have an impact.


He doesn’t need to be replaced like for like. Play an extra midfield rotation, and let Walla and Fanta play a bit deeper at times.

If our team defence is functioning well, we don’t need him as a specialist defensive forward. The extra midfield rotation would certainly help combat the consecutive 6 day breaks.

I don’t mind him in the side, but this week seems a good fit to pull the trigger, provided no injuries of course.


I think Guelfi, Smith and McGrath are better than just part timers


Play Walla and Fanta deeper?

Our pace up the ground is what’s winning us games


Did you not see our debutant today?

Most under 16’s kids are bigger than him.

On Baguley, he is well and truly cooked and should’ve been delisted at the end of last season if we had a ruthless list management team.

Bring in a kid.

Literally any other player on our list would have a far great impact than Baguley.

Thanks for the memories but sayonara.


Serviceable game by him.

Conflicted for Anzac Day, he strength and body size valuable against a strong outfit.

Stays for mine as a defending forward


I’ve loved Bags’ contributions over his career and I don’t think his form had been woeful.

I do think we have better options though


That’s fair enough. But then who makes way for Smith and Zaka?