#12 Mark Baguley


Hams and Myers

I know Myers is big body Midfielder but I think we can exploit the Pies with our pace. They’ll win a lot of the centre clearances anyway with or without Myers


Part of the fabric and is playing his role beautifully, stays for now.


Hope he got a bake for calling for the handball from Bellchambers in the third quarter.

Probably stays in, is giving us the shortest of cameos each week, and doing just enough.


I don’t think he did call for it. I think he was surprised when TBell handballed to him.


I didn’t say park them both deep, I said play them deeper AT TIMES. Rotations. Nice of you to keep that part out.

Saad, McKenna, Fantasia, Shiel, McGrath, Ridley, Redman, Walla, Merrett, Smith, Zaharakis.
We literally have pace all over the ground. Replacing Bags with someone who is no doubt quicker than Bags is not going to negatively affect our pace advantage. I honestly can’t understand how you could argue otherwise.


TBell was responsible 15 out directly in front was silly at best, he did it thinking the first time it paid off and that silly shimmy, both will be brought to his attention during the week


It’s actually very easy to argue otherwise when people have wanted Bags out for years and he has kept on performing.

I find it strange that even after a huge win people still look for negatives.


The only thing that’s changed is he’s no longer performing. And everyone else is.

I’d keep Ham in over Bags. And I hope the coaches do, too.


Maybe people are actually looking at it in a positive way. Eg… we have a big win and we still have upside by getting in a better player than Bags


I guess it’s usually Hurley or Ambrose or any number of players that consistently get smashed in here.

I can live with Bags then.


I really think some people need to take the rose coloured glasses off. He’s been an absolute warrior of this club and the guy busts a gut week in week out, but like everyone in the game age catches up to you very fast and he looks to be on his last legs.

He’s had 4 kicks, 7 handballs to go with 2 tackles and also gave away 6 frees in yesterdays game.

As a pressure/small forward this year he’s kicked a total of 4 goals and laid only 12 tackles, I can live without the goals especially when you have such a potent forward line who are all capable of kicking a bag on their day, but if he’s not laying tackles and providing that pressure then its time to give someone else a go. Love the bloke and the way he’s gone about it but yea, it might be coming to an end.

He’ll have the odd good game I’m sure purely because he works hiss ■■■ off but he’s on borrowed time


I’m not people, I’m me. I haven’t wanted him out for years, and have vigorously defended him over and over, when people have been saying he’s cooked for years now.

I’m not looking for any negatives here. I’m looking at Smith and Zaharakis who are 100% coming in to the side next week regardless of this 22s big win. 2 have to come out, that is pretty straightforward. Ham is one, if there aren’t any injuries, who is the other?

Guelfi is a possibility given he was the late in, but he was very good and I’d like him to stay in. Parish is certainly in the gun given his poor disposal and decision making at times the past 2 weeks. Bags is the other.

I don’t really care who it is tbf, but I’m just stating my opinion that I’d probably go with Bags for the reasons stated. And my opinion certainly hasn’t been, and never is, swayed by the haters on here.


I don’t reckon Ham has the build yet. I’d be concerned about getting him exposed when the heat is on this week - particularly given his fumbles today.


It’s a risk.
I’d run it. I think he’s got a lot to offer.


He probably should have been dropped for good after Anzac Day last year. He was terrible. For whatever reason the coaching staff decided to make a small forward out of him and he played good footy for the rest of the year. This year he has been poor and that includes JLT. He’s had ample opportunity to find form but other than patches v Melbourne he has been nowhere near last years form. He’s cooked and I’d only bring him back if we had a huge injury list at some stage during the season.


Loved Ham, but zaka and smith in for bags & ham are the most obvious team changes ever. Watch bomberstan go with this on Monday as he tries to rebuild his shattered brand.


I fail to see how is he performing his role. 0 goals for a forward and only 2 tackles for a defensive forward with his player running off him freely. Don’t get me wrong, I believe he did a serviceable job as a small lock down forward last year however he has looked down on form and confidence this year. Send him back to the VFL and if he returns to form definitely bring him back in however on current performance he does not justify his selection.


Swap him for Begley


I love it when people are respectful like this.
Good post.


If he plays against Collingwobble he needs to play with plenty of mongrel. Some of his kicking yesterday was really askew. I still think he is good value for money and while no one threatens to take his spot yet, it will happen sooner rather than later.

Whatever he does he put his heart and soul into it.