#12 Mark Baguley


Everyone loves bags, literally everyone. He is a fantastic club man

He’s just pretty much done though, and its just a little cringeworthy reading posts defending his ten touch, 2 tackle and zero goal game as “playing his role”

I suspect he’ll play anzac day. He shouldn’t and in all honestly eh, im not too phased if he does. Give him one last one. But I’d hope the coaches are figuring out how to replace him asap be ause for mine its not hard because his output is low. You could just about replace him with anyone, change a few roles slightly and play another mid/half forward


I hope this kind of thing never enters a selectors head. The club is always bigger than an individual and there is no room for sentiments. Should only ever come down to if you have earnt your spot or not.


There comes a time. All players know this
If Begley in particular staked a claim in the VFL today, he would deserve a chance imo, as he brings similar attributes.
Besides when and if Baggers moves down to the VFL, he can contribute a lot to the success of that team and help mentor the younger players on the list.
A negative can be made a positive in a number of respects.


He played 93% game last night, second highest for us. Guelfi played only 70 %, second lowest. Despite that he had significantly more impact than bags.

I love bags but I think we can get more out of rotating more heavily through that position. All of guelfi, Smith, mcgrath, Zaha, tippa and Fanta can roll through wing, on ball, half forward, small forward, defensive forward. I don’t really see the utility in playing a defensive forward specialist. Guelfi, Smith and McGrath could all lock down on a particular rebounding defender if required.



Your flip flopping every two minutes is cringeworthy!

You would have half the side out each week if you could.


wob and KM talking about cringeworthy…

someone had to point this out.


Ironic it was you then :joy:


He deserves it, if everyone played with his heart and and intensity we’d be unstoppable. One of my fave players of the last few years and let’s hope he can contribute whether it be in the ones or seconds


Does he actually tag the opposiiton half back?


To me he’s an obvious out this week, along with Ham, given the players coming back, but will be surprised if he’s dropped.

You can’t ever doubt his endeavour but he’s playing a game of ever diminishing returns and I’m certain we can do better - and we can certainly do without his indiscriminate acts. This must be his final year, but looking ahead - right now - I think Guelfi/Smith is a better option.


Why make it personal? I wasn’t directly talking to you. And yeah, it is cringeworthy people defending that game. It sucked. Lets be real


It’s hard to know what is personal and what’s not on here.

I cop it left right and centre most of the time just for having a different opinion to others.


When you give away more free kicks than the kicks you have in a game, you are not really contributing. l love Bags, but he had a poor game by any measure and was ineffective. Some of those frees were way too obvious and unnecessary. An obvious out for ANZAC day.


define what returns is in this context ?
is it purely stats ?
i know people like to run with that, and it’s part of the picture.
but if he runs around and sticks to his part in the zone, if he is constantly running to put on pressure without getting stats, then is he not doing his role ?

on yesterdays game, sure if he continued to give away silly frees, then yes his spot should be up for discussion.
If he is playing his role without getting stats to show for it ( and we can only go with he continues to get picked so he must be doing what’s asked of him) surely then he stays in.

but you also have to take into account, does he do more defensive unrewarded things (not just tackles) that allow guys like raz and tippa to focus more on their offensive weaponry. i know both those 2 got more tackles than bags, but does he do more of the defensive running side to cover for them, would be interesting to find out.


You’re right, it’s more than about stats, it’s about creating space and opportunities as well. And a perfect example of that yesterday was when Guelfi with an act of desperation slid in and trapped the ball in the last quarter leading directly to a goal. No stat for that, but great work - and also an example of why Guelfi would be a good alternative option because he plays selflessly.


Not purely based on yesterday but I think he might be forced out if not this week but within the month. He’s not doing much wrong but not doing much right. I think we could do with more talent and expect the commitment of the role from someone else. Someone like Guelfi, Smith or McGrath fight just as hard to not lose a contest and have more upside once they win the contest.


Based on today’s game. Laverde could play that deep role and provide a much better physical and attacking threat while bringing the defensive aspects.

Now I think Lav is behind about 4-5 others at the moment. But he could definitely fill the role for those who like to talk about structure and all these magical excuses as to why you persist with an underperformer.


I’ve made a number of posts supporting Bags continued inclusion as nobody could play his role better.

However, the time may have come. His performance on the weekend was underwhelming.

If Begley or Mosquito were ready I am sure they would be elevated. But they are not.

Laverde, in my view is a different type. That argument aside, he also is not ready.

As such, the question is whether to give Guelfi an opportunity in the small forward role. As he is some chance of being pushed out of the midfield rotation this week, is it better for him to play AFL forward, or to play VFL in the midfield and continue his development.

For me, the answer is to give him a run in the forward role to see if he can provide a stronger option than Baguley.


While I wouldn’t be dropping Baguley this week, I do like the Guelfi defensive forward idea. Was originally drafted on the back of a year where he kicked a heap of goals as a small forward.


Nah, you cop it mainly for being overly repetitive. Just a friendly tip.