#12 Mark Baguley


There is no doubt he is struggling. I’m happy to back him in for Anzac Day and give him one more chance to turn things around. For a few reasons :

He is great at the little things, shepherds, tackles,pressure etc

He seems to have a great understanding with the other forwards, knowing where they will be etc

The guy does a massive amount of work off the ball to give an option to the kicker

He is a legit tough nut

There is no like for like replacement in the 2s. Closest at this stage is Lav, and I’m not entirely sure Bags role would suit a guy like Laverde

He is a favourite of mine. I’m backing him in to perform on Anzac Day


Gets unfairly maligned on here imo does the teams things and that’s all you can ask.


Overly repetitive?

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You would award yourself humanitarian of the year if you could.


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He is really struggling this year, maybe two good quarters only. He really need to lift on Anzac Day if he remains. He has a habit of pulling one out of his ■■■■ when he is under the pump.


More than I could list here…

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I’m not sure playing a role is good enough.

With Stringer, Raz and Tippa as the other small(er) players, the opposition would have nightmares about how to match up on them. A fully fit Daniher, could result in the best forward line in the comp.

Bags or whoever plays that role should be regularly getting off the chain. They are playing on the weakest defender, with little or no planning put into them. They should be kicking goals.


People who are using “playing a role” are doing so because there is nothing else they can argue with.

I can do that as well. Bags has been “playing the role” of the least effective player in our team.




How’s the output of Laverde Langford been?


We only get personal because we care.


I think Lav offers a different look to Bags, less manic pressure more of a target and midfield rotations. His power, speed and marking ability as the 6th best forward could allow him to get off that chain.

If we are struggling with pressure we can move him to the middle and put Smith down there for periods.


I’ve been supportive of Baguley in the team this year also. He was poor on the weekend and I’m open to us trying another player/s in his role. I just think it’s really important we play someone in a defensive forward role and not just use it as a generic midfield rotation. Our forward pressure last year was awful and Baguley was significant in improving it. It’s why I’m not keen on Laverde to come in as a direct replacement who in my view is poor defensively. Mcgrath, Smith and perhaps Geulfi could play the role. Perhaps they can share the role between them. I think it’s worth tinkering with at this point.


It’s somewhat ironic when people say “who else can play that pressure forward role?” re Bags, considering he’s spent 90% of his career as a small defender - getting creative with positional changes is what has kept him playing senior footy these past couple of years.

Point being: we have a versatile team and there are options outside of the obvious ones.

I’ve been saying all year that I’d like to see Guelfi in that role - not because Bags is terrible - but because I think we’d at least get the same output from Guelfi, with flexibility to rotate through other parts of the ground if needed, much more upside and importantly, a future at the club beyond 2019.

Bags is excellent depth to have when required but I don’t think he should be an automatic starter these days, unless he’s in outstanding form.