#12 Mark Baguley


We’re not really in a situation where we need to make an urgent change… but at some stage Laverde will be ripping apart the VFL constantly.

It’s a big call to keep baguley in the side with Laverde waiting in the wings.

IMO Baguley is struggling with the pace. A few times he get the ball, and he gets shut down very quickly… and isn’t able to get clean possession. That lack of zip off the mark is hurting him. And he’s simply giving away too many free kicks.

When there are better players in the VFL who are ripping form, a change will need to be made at some stage.


Alright…I just watched the Norf replay and I stand by my support of Bags. The stat nerds keep highlighting the 6 frees against but it reads a lot worse than it actually was. Half of them were very tough calls which could have gone either way on a different day.

  • One was actually a professional free which slowed a potential quick Norf rebound.
  • One was that horrible ‘take out the legs’ rule where Bags made an epic dive to win the ball while the North player played for the free
  • the last was in the last 2mins of the game there was a high bomb to the wing and Bags got done for a push in the back in a 2v1 situation and was again stiff IMO
  • the others I didn’t even notice so can’t have been too bad

The rest of the game I thought he did his usual stuff winning/halving his 2v1 ground balls/aerial contests, tackling hard, chasing hard, giving off nice handballs to people in better position and even made a couple nice centering kicks - skill wise didn’t do too much wrong. His numbers aren’t flash compared to last years resurgence but he’s playing his part in a forwardline that is the best in the league right now. When you have an in-form Brown, Tippa, Raz, Stringer and Daniher it’s no surprise that a bloke like Baguley is probably not gonna be the one you kick to. As long as our forward line keeps working well, we keep the same setup. If it ain’t broken it doesn’t need fixing.

I do agree that blokes like Bags, Parish, Myers and Guelfi at times are probably the weakest links and are the ones most likely in the gun…but doesn’t mean they should be dropped. Plus Bags is a little luckier than the other guys given we have very little small forward depth.


It doesn’t help his case that umpires punish him for holding the man instead of incorrect disposal


Not even a good post like that will sway them from wanting Bags on the chopping block.
The one where he got pinged for taking the legs when he was putting his head over the ball was ludicrous.


There we go another one…no.4 free against was probably wrong or borderline. Sometimes it’s just not your day with the umpires.


I’m not saying drop him now.
But there will come a stage when we have players in the VFL who are in unbelievable form, and simply won’t be able to ignore them from selection.

Baguley’s 10 possessions a game and 0 goals, will not be enough to keep him in the side.


Worsfold : Hold my sparkling water.


Bring him in


Yep. Baguley will be gone sooner rather than later, but until then someone needs to prove themselves ready in the VFL and no-one has done that yet. Injuries have held back most of his competition for spots, but the fact remains that no-one has put up their hand for a small/medium forward role yet. This will probably change over the next few months


My cat just tried to attack your gif on the screen!


Send Bags back to where he made a name for himself, back pocket who never gives up. Could be a good option for De Goey.


I still have nightmares from Bags in last years ANZAC Day fixture where he cost us at least 4 or 5 goals and was horrid


Baguley will never go near the backline again.


…apart from being too short and too slow.


Did we play on Anzac Day last year? I have no recollection of it at all


Harsh, next you’ll tell me Joel Reynolds is a poor match up for fevola


Who would we bag without bags?

Love him. Keep him in. If you are not falling you are not trying. Most frees does not equal most brain fades from last weekend.

Dream team fantasy blah blah. Who else is going to sacrifice himself before the team like bags. Is a lock.


If we wanted to lose then yes it is a very good option.


Like Steinberg on Brown


Ironically, the perfect match up from Brown was playing that night, but he was trying to play ‘third tall’ up the other end of the ground.