#12 Mark Baguley


Think this is his last year. One of those players now I get nervous about when he’s in a contest. Lost a yard of pace and goes to ground too often, too easily. As the contest slips away from him he does stupid things out of desperation, which further compound the situation. I was surprised he was put on Elliott in the first place - if he’s got a spot in the team then it must be in a role with less accountability. He just doesn’t have the defensive chops he used to have.

Had a great last quarter when he basically played the loose man, but must be judged on the first 3 when he was pretty poor.


Reckon you guys are being pretty harsh. I guess I’ll suffer through the replay again tonight to clarify, but I’m almost positive Elliot only kicked one goal on Bags, maybe one or two scoring involvements. I know for certain one of his first half goals was on ooh ahh Andy McGrath.

And also his worst moments were at the start of the last quarter. Two or three W.T.F moments in a row. And from then on played loose.


His third quarter was ■■■■■■■ terrible, got smacked by Elliot pretty much the whole term. Redeemed himself in the 4th by taking a lot of crucial intercept marks and spoils. I don’t know what to feel about him…


There is nobody in our team who i would back to sit under a high ball going back with the flight than bags.

The guy is legit tough

That being said he is really really struggling this year. His close checking defending seems to have dissapeared completely


He only looked good when they put a quicker guy on Elliott and freed Baguley up.
It’s better than having 4 bad quarters but it’s still a long way from where he was even this time last year.

Put it this way, I’m glad McNiece and Gleeson are keeping pressure on him.


There is no doubt baguley is probably the hardest motherfker at the club but he’s cooked defensively imo

I nearly choked when worsfold said in he’s presser he has been really solid this year. Really?


I remember watching some training videos online then went to an intra club where tippa absolutely creamed him, turning him around like he wasn’t even there, kicking easy goals on him etc. I had concerns then and thought ‘wow baguley must be taking it really easy, this doesn’t seem right’. Then the JLT series he was getting flogged, but then round 1 I came away relieved thinking ‘ok he was just taking it easy’. Seems the former was actually the real deal unfortunately. That being said it was always gonna be ugly on Elliot, he got pantsed playing on him in the JLT so not sure why they thought they should go with the same match up again.


To be fair, the Four Mosquitoes are torching everyone :relaxed:


Great game from Bags.

26 possessions and LeCras pretty much non existent.

He’s worked his way back into form like a lot of our team has now.


I agree… Baggs has really come back over the last couple of weeks. To see him and Hurls working together is so pleasing. I’m pleased he’s cemented his spot again


26! Totally overlooked that.


Killed it today. I wrote him off earlier in the year. Boy was I wrong.


Had a great game today


He really stood up when the pressure was on us. Sacre Bleu!


He wss ■■■■■■ at himself for that shocking kick in the D50. Played v well afterwards - loved how he spotted Hartley and delivered pinpointedly when it looked like he was in trouble and last line of defence…


Seems reports of his demise may be a bit premature


I was worried about him at the start of the year, thought he would struggle. Happy to be proven wrong. He has been very solid so far. Keep it up bags.


He’s great.


He seems to be adapting to the limitations that age and his body are putting on him.

Probably isn’t going to be able to chase down lightning fast small forwards any more, but he is getting involved in rebound 50’s (actually has some tidy disposal) and is impacting aerial contests.

He was looking shot early days of this year, but he’s adapted very well.


Thought he was one of our best on the weekend. Reminded me of the Baguley of old who burst out of nowhere as rookie when he was playing some outstanding hard footy alongside Hibberd, Hooker and Fletch. Loved how really rebounded well after he took the intercept possession.