#12 Mark Baguley


Where can one drink from said fountain

Here at Blitz


Thought he was very good last night.


Last night was a hard tough physical aggressive game of footy.

Bags just naturally loves that sort of footy which is why I love having him in the side.

People can bullshit about tactics and whatever but Richmond just had more of these tough type players and won more man on mans.

They are clearly ahead of us.

Ambrose would have helped last night as would one or two more tough and fast mids. Parish in another year or two will impact more heavily.

I would have liked Martin on our side last night. We win with him on our side.


Alright boys… get 'em out


Remember the good ol’ days when Bags was our biggest problem?


Yes. Or as historians refer to it “The Neo-Slatteral” period.


Please get rid of this bloke.

Please, Worsfold.




I thought he, along with the other defenders had a pretty good game tonight


He wasn’t watching the game obviously because Bags was pretty decent.


He did some good things, and he did some crude and very stupid things. He’d be a better player with some filters, and a worse player too,


Slipped a couple of times. What else did he do wrong?


Two silly frees early.
That’s the only black marks I can recall…


There are others who most have not criticised who were very down on their uppers tonight.

Bags is one of the few with true mongrel about him, mostly gives his all.


When Sydney tried their intimidation bullshit on the youngest bloke on the field, it was bags who told them they wouldn’t be getting away with it.

For that alone he deserves votes, and his excellent game was cream on top.


What did you guys make of his game last night?
Gave away some silly frees but also went in hard and won some good 50/50s
Not sure if Dea would be an upgrade on him or not?


Ball Bags.


I think it was one of the best games he has played for us.

Dea would not be an upgrade.


Liked in the 3rd that McGrath got in the thick of it when one of their youngsters was giving Bags some cheek.
I get the impression that McGrath enjoys the push and shove, had a smile on his face after that altercation.