#12 Mark Baguley


Should have happened at end of last season. Deadset liability


Agreed. Has lost a yard & clubs have now worked out to isolate him deep for scoring power. Must go.


I love Bags. Been a great player. Tough and uncompromising.

He is a shadow of his former self.


Truly upsetting when the game goes past a bloke who who actually give a ■■■■. Especially now seeing as we’re desperately short on those types.

But it’s time.


Give him to the end of the year because it makes no ■■■■■■■ difference. Then part ways.





are you saying cooked or dog ■■■■?


He was cooked last year, this year he is charcoal


He is as tough as they come

He gives his all

But he is done. He can’t kick, he can’t defend anymore. Whoever he goes to just takes him deep and exposes him. I genuinely like the guy, but he needs to be playing VFL for the rest of the year.


Ok all
Yeah he’s done , but we don’t have much to roll with while McKenna is out… wtf more do you want ?


A decent performance?






Farwell game have been given.

If he plays agin this year other than in a nobody left injury desperation then Worsfold should be sacked on the spot.


■■■■ me! Im never coming to your place for a bbq …


He may be cooked but he is one player that deserves plenty of respect around here, been a warrior for us and can never question his committment & work ethic.


I hope to god he doesnt get another game (barring a farewell in the last round)
Not because i dont want him to play so mush as i dont want him to be remembered as an easybeat
I hope he is remembered as a loyal, tough, die for the team Bomber


I’d play him forward. Would do more than Merrett defensively.


We tried that and he was still the same shocking suburban league footballer that he is except at the other end of the ground.