#12 Mark Baguley


Thought Bags was good today.

Tried all day.


One of the few that played with intent, good game today


Not our worst.


Reckon he’s just about to peak.


Bleeds red and black but ■■■■■■■ cooked


Playing the Henry Slattery role.


He was very good in the first quarter, ok in the second, then did very little in the last half.
The role he was playing today was as a pressure forward, and in the first quarter he gave us what we needed.
However, I can’t see it being a long term thing.
In defence he falls over too often in the one on one contests, and is a bit of a liability now.


Can’t fault his endeavour but he is done. Sad to see as he has been a very good player over the years


Chuck him in the guts so he can just ram ■■■■■ with his tackles.


Slipping over after dancing around a few Hawks players was enough for me.

He’s cooked.


Will never forget when we had Baguley and Hibbered in the same backline
Was ■■■■■■■ scary
tackling machines and hard as nails
The franga boys.
Unfortunately those days are gone.


you forgot the most important one, van unen. everything went to ■■■■ after we delisted him.


Those were the good old days, we can only dream of 8th placed finishes now.


In our bottom four players - It’s an indictment on the selectors that he played an unfamiliar role as a pressure forward when Fantasia played a half in the VFL - His decison-making and skill level were below AFL standard.




Admire his determination, but cooked


13 possessions at 92% and a goal.

3 tackles i50 (most for us)
20 pressure acts (second most for us)


That’s not a bad day for a small forward. More goals would be nice, but not vital if your key role is defensive.


I thought he did well.

We are in desperate need of somebody to apply pressure down there and his stats indicate he did his job.


Baguley typifies EFC over the past 15 years.

Is damn useless a fair chunk of the time, is alright sometimes but is a bog ordinary player, with the occasional good moment and when you objectively put those things together he simply ain’t much chop and is overrated because he plays for EFC.