#12 Mark Baguley


So as a footballer, he is like you as a poster then?


Ouch, big bad Reboot.


Bags is awesome. Yeah I know he’s getting on and showing signs of reaching the end but there’s no need to ummmm bag him.


Wasn’t Sicily his opponent, who was best on ground?


I didn’t think sicily had an opponent. Surely he was just a loose man in defence…

I thought laverde was on him. In the first half at least.

I honestly have no idea after that but whoever it was didn’t go near him


Just imagine Bags has a footballing renaissance in his 30’s like Roger Merrett did after many thought he was cooked and like a fine wine, got better with age after a change of scenery. In Bags case from the back pocket to forward pocket.

He’s one of my favourites but I won’t hold my breath. If we could somehow keep him on the VFL list next year, he could be invaluable as a leader like Hocking.


I checked two or three times and he looked to be on Burgoyne. If I’m right in that, he didn’t do a bad job as Burgoyne was less damaging than usual.


on this alone, i would play him against Carlton. That sort of effort shouldn’t go unrewarded


Looks like Baguley said something during the game about Lambs dad who got killed.


would’ve thought there was enough things to sledge about to a carlton turd that that.
disgraceful if true


That’s poor form if so


Who do you think is on this selection table?




Herald Sun. I’m not a subscriber so I can’t give any more info.


ok thanks






Players Mothers, Sisters, Girlfriends , Fathers have always been targets in sledge wars.
Are we about to create another type of “ism”

inappropriatism ?


Does that go with Lamb?


Something like “You’re old man would be rolling in his grave knowing you’re out here acting a right cnt”?

or like “I’m glad he’s dead”?