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The family sledge that sent Blue Jed Lamb over the edge, led to three-quarter time melee
Mark Robinson, Herald Sun
12 minutes ago
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EXCLUSIVE: A SLEDGE made by Essendon’s Mark Baguley to Carlton’s Jed Lamb about Lamb’s father, who was murdered in an axe attack, incited the three-quarter time melee at the MCG on Saturday.

Lamb, one of eight siblings, was six when his father was murdered by a family friend.

Lamb has told Carlton officials Baguley mentioned his father in a sledge towards him and that he told Baguley several times not to mention his father.



The Herald Sun believes Baguley has told Bombers officials he wasn’t aware Lamb’s father was murdered and tried to apologise to Lamb at three-quarter-time.

At the break, Baguley and Lamb were involved in an altercation which drew in Carlton coach Brendon Bolton, who was seen to also verbally confront Baguley.

The Blues midfielder was charged by the MRO for striking Baguley and can accept a $1500 sanction.

Carlton chief executive Cain Liddle told the Herald Sun today: ‘’I’m aware of an issue from Saturday’s game.’’

Jed Lamb approaches Mark Baguley at three-quarter time of Saturday’s match.
Essendon has been contacted for comment.

Lamb was drafted by the Sydney Swans in 2010, switched to the GWS Giants in 2013 for two seasons and was traded to the Blues at the end of 2015 season.

When first drafted, Lamb told the Herald Sun of the impact of his father’s death.

“You see this sort of thing on the news and hear it on the radio but you don’t think it can happen to you,” Lamb said.

Carlton players approach Mark Baguley.
“Even looking back now it’s hard to get my head around it. If it was going to happen I guess it’s good that it happened when I was so young. I reckon if it had been when I was 13 to 16 it would have been a lot different and had a bigger impact on my life.

“It had a big impact obviously with mum raising eight kids. That’s why we’re all so close. There’s no doubt that I wouldn’t be playing AFL footy today if it wasn’t for mum.

“It had a bigger impact on my elder brothers and sisters. When it happened they had to go into the police station and answer questions. I was too young for that.


Even if he didn’t know, why would you sledge a player about his family? BTW I don’t believe he didn’t know.


He doesn’t know the Essendon game plan so why should he know Lamb’s family history?


Well it seems strange that the one guy he chose to sledge about a father specifically was the one guy who’s father was killed. Just a little convenient.


This guy was happy to instigate confrontation on Saturday, and as soon as it was turned on him, he sooks to his mummy. Yep poor taste on the dad sledge, but Bags said he didn’t know.
If you put head out there like he did on Saturday, don’t squeal afterwards.


So, if Baguley was struck by Lamb, and was not suspended, was the successful defence that Baguley had mentioned Lambs father? Proportionality is the basis here, nothing that is said justifies punching someone.


Hope it wasn’t a targeted sledge - its just a game, surely you keep family out of it and keep any lip you give focused on what the bloke can and can’t do on the field.


Without knowing exactly what was said, that’s a stupid assumption.


There’s a line you don’t cross.
Stupid by him and embarrassing for the club.
As if the EFC needed anymore bad press


We dont want them to be chiorboys, harden up, we need someone with a bit or moungrel…

Oh no you can’t do that…FFS


His father was murdered by a friend with an axe, sledging about his father is simply not on.


Nah, fark that - nothing tough about being an a&sehole and dredging up what a six year old had to go through - it’s usually weak pr&cks that resort to that kind of sledging. The club doesn’t need that kind of press right now anyway.


I guess it depends on what was said.

If it was just a general comment like “Geez would your Dad be proud of that last effort”, then thats ok.

If it was more specific comment that referred to his deceased Dad specially and/or the manner in which he died, then that’s not OK.

To be on the safe side though, it best to stay clear of any sledge that mentions family.


There are how many players playing AFL, so now the players need to keep track of each one of their family situations? No wonder they can’t follow a game plan.

The bloke says he didn’t know and tried to apologise, how about we take him on face value?


Here’s a suggestion: don’t sledge using family.


Jed lamb is a peice of sh*t. He’s actually a ordinary bloke. so I couldn’t give 2 fks if he’s upset


We should check with the Australian Cricket team to see if the sledge was crossing the line.


Should stand down for the rest of the year, I heard Myers said it too.


who cares


Aaah it’s all just unravelling.

Comeback story - coming back to reality