#12 Mark Baguley


Yep, and Hartley tends to do the same.


Bark Maguley. His season has turned around something crazy. Reflected in the team as a whole.


Sometimes, when you stare deeply into the team, it stares back out at you.


And… he wins Hankook Performance of the week.

I will never tire of watching that !


It was a pretty good roar from the crowd when the 2nd one went over the back.


He wheely is becoming an all rounder.


Love the way he wheels around, …


Depends on when he re-tires.


Tread carefully, anti-punists around.


Any danger from burnout?


Gurge thread. Delist bags. Can’t be associated with a pub thread.


Love his manic attack on the ball / player. He’s like a heat seeking missile who zeros in on an opponent and destroys him. Seriously, his energy and intent would be inspiring to his team mates. Baguley up forward is just what the doctor ordered. Stroke of genius putting him there


Reminds me of how Max Rooke use to play for Geelong in their dominant years.

Complete psychopath at the ball and the man. Defensive HF.

Heartbeat of the team.


Stays in as a foward.


Mark Baglicker… keep him in the team, if only so I can keep calling him that.


That was a-line-meant for me?


That’s a team mate you want to play with


Poor Whitfield couldn’t hide at a coaches place to avoid that one.


He has been a fantastic player for us and I’m so pleased for him that he could reinvent himself and get some more quality time at AFL level. The ultimate team man, these guys are golden for football clubs. Also a great advertisement for investing in mature next division down players. As an industry we are to seduced by the shiny, TAC pathwayed, 18 year old. Warms the cockles to watch a 25 year old, no thrills, backman from Frankston carve out a career and in the red and black no less.


this guy is huge in the forward line

is developing his confidence to be a threat at goals not just defensive pressure

getting to be a pretty good medium/small forward