#12 Will Setterfield

Just ffs…

Setterfield making it hard to set a field.


Except this is the medical team who should’ve picked it up quicker


How could Dodoro do this to us?


Must have been a pretty forceable stomping someone did to him. It is not that common of an injury is it? for example, it’s not something you can get from a clumsy dancer.

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Imagine if it was another stress related injury. The hangar would be burnt to the ground.

Those stupid conditioning team members paid a Brissy player off to stomp him

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If someone ever decides to burn it to the ground…
Please leave the seats and the umbrellas intact.
Some of us still want to sit out there…


Just sue the ■■■■■ and be done with it.

And bell ends like Campbell can foot the bill.

Pardon the pun(t).

And whatever that one was.

Yay us

I had a toe broken when trying to walk across a nightclub dancefloor. Some lady in a high heel (accidentally) stomped on my foot while she was dancing.

Does that count?

“Medical authorities warn that going to nightclubs can be a health hazard”

Dodoro stole the x-rays.

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What a waste of a 4th round pick. Least we could have done was use it on something not with brittle bones. That’s what’s first rounders are for!

The thing that ■■■■■ me the most about this is, it was against a team with 1 ■■■■■■■ injury.
We have multiple injuries to key players already, yet we are the one with the player who gets stepped on and fractures their foot!
The injury gods sure do hate the EFC!

5 weeks out. Bloody hell.


I just read this guy is still another 4 weeks away, was his injury meant to be that long? I initially thought about 4 weeks, that will take it up to about 8 won’t it?

I feel like we need extra coverage in that big midfielder role seeing as setters has a history of injuries, it kinda throws out our balance when he isn’t around.

The only deviation from the initial timeline occured just this week. We were expecting it to read 3 weeks (2 matches - Carlton, Fremantle) but in today’s report it read 4 weeks (3 matches).

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I saw him at the Builder’s Arms in Fitzroy on Monday night ($25 steak night btw and it was very good). He’s a large lad. Didn’t ask him any questions as I’m not a 9 year old child who can get away with that sort of thing but he seemed in good spirits at least. Didn’t have a moon boot as far as I could tell.