#12 Will Setterfield

Should attend 90% of our center bounces.

The only time he’s not is when he’s on the bench.

Edit: Also, I think we should give up the attacking position at every CB, all 3 of our guys should stand defensive side, secondary ball ups is fine by me, I don’t care if our games become dull and boring, we need to learn how to defend for an entire year, we can add attacking layers after that.


Holland’s is absolute garbage, I’ve seen a lot of him over the past 2 years.


Swear he’s done absolute ■■■■ all?

Soft, skinny, barely gets the ball, he actually could be an Essendon player as looks like he hasn’t stepped in the gym since he was drafted. I actually wanted him in his draft year too, we dodged a bullet.

I’d be telling Will to get into the gym and add another 5-6 kg’s. He is 192cm but only 87kg. As a comparison, Lachie Neale is 177cm and 84kg’s. He is 15cm taller, but only 3kg heavier.


Yeah what happened with Hollands? His highlights were unreal, looked dynamic and classy af.

There’s your answer.

Blokes in the AFL stand or fall on how well they can alleviate or minimise the weaknesses in their game, cos opposition researchers will ruthlessly search them out and exploit them. Highlight reels, by definition, don’t cover weaknesses.

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He’s prone to soft tissue injuries; adding weight will just increase the chances of more.

Is he though? His big injury this year was a foot stress fracture, past injuries have mostly been stuff like concussions and ACLs I thought. Not soft tissue so much.